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Are you at risk of a heart attack? It might be time to switch to Apple. The company is apparently expanding its market into life-saving medical devices.

Do you think of Apple as a company that has lost to Samsung tablets and cheaper PCs? A company that used to be exciting, but no longer is? Think again.

Google has come out with the innovative Google Glass and you might have heard the talk about a new diabetes contact lens that measures a diabetic's blood glucose levels and could become an alternative to slightly painful and invasive finger pricks in the future. Now, that's the cutting edge of technology!

Google is not alone, however. Adrian Perica, Apple's mergers and acquisitions chief, has been busy. Buying new and seemingly quite unrelated companies isn't the only thing Apple has been up to though.

The San Francisco Chronicle, suggests that Apple is thinking outside the box once again.

Apple, they say, is looking to expand its market into.... cars. But well, we'll leave you to Google that one for yourself. This is a medical website, after all. We all know that cars are dangerous. In 2010, the United States saw an estimated 5,419,000 car crashes, killing a whopping 32,885 people and wounding a further 2,239,000.

Apple's other novel line of business involves saving lives, however. According to San Francisco Chronicle,the company is going to develop medical devices, including a software and sensors that can predict heart attacks by listening to the sound of blood.

While the heart attack predictor still very much belongs in the world of rumors, you might not be aware that Apple has already taken its first steps into the world of medical devices. What can you buy right now?

Medical Devices That Will Work With iOS

Withings' blood pressure monitor connects directly to iOS devices, after which it can measure a patient's blood pressure simply by pushing a button.

This blood pressure monitor stores a patient's information over a period of time, making it easy to show upward trends in a person's blood pressure to individuals and their doctors. There is no need to write anything down!

The blood glucose meter developed by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis connects directly to your iPad as well. While this device still requires a small blood sample, unlike Google's diabetes lens, patients can use this device to perform analyses and send data to their doctors.

You don't have to suffer from a chronic medical condition to benefit from medical devices that connect to your iOS devices, either. The Medisana TargetScale measures your body weight precisely and accurately, and tells you what percentage of that weight is fluids, and what percentage is made up by fat.

One company even made it possible for wheelchairs to be navigated by iPhone - if it's viable for cars, it will work for wheelchairs too, they thought.

Certain models of Dynamic Controls' wheelchairs can already be operated by iPhone without reprogramming the chairs! Add to that numerous apps, covering topics from resuscitation to workouts and diet plans, and it's easy to understand why Apple sees so much potential in the medical devices business.

Apple may, in other words, save your life in the future.