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Hey all.

I've got a problem that i'm not sure IS a problem, yet it buggs me either way.

Basicly, When i get an erection my foreskin doesn't retract itself. Thats fine. I'm able to expose my glans myself even, but the problem is if i move my foreskin less then 1cm down my shaft past the glans, the frenulum becomes very tight and feels like it's going to snap (distorts the head downwards and pulls, unpleasant feeling). I've had problems in the past with it stinging (like it was cut) but seeing no cut.

I'm wondering is this normal? I've heard during intercourse the skin may move down the shaft slightly, that's a worry since i can't at all. I've tried stretching it to no avail, for around 2 months now.

Other information: I've seen my GP, he was clueless, didn't say if it was normal or not (sigh) and just refered me to a urologist (spelling may be incorrect, sorry) As much as it may seem pointless asking now as i'm going to see someone, i'm wondering if it's worth me going to the urologist.

Any information would be absolutely amazing, Thanks.


If it were me, I wouldnt bother. Your decision though, I always suggest seeing a doctor as it says in the signature down there.

It sounds like its pretty normal to me. Worst case scenario is it snaps, which isn't as bad as it sounds. It would be painful and probably a lot of blood but it would repair itself.

I'll try and get njoynlife to pop by, he has more knowledge than me on this :-)


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Here's what happened to me:

When I got married and began having frequent unprotected sex my frenulum tore by itself during sex. The first time it happened I did nothing and it healed back up by itself. It wasn't really painful or bloody but a little of both. When it healed in a few days it was the same as before ---- too short. So it tore again and that time I wrapped it so the ends wouldn't heal back together but stayed apart. I don't remember now but I think I probably put a small piece of toilet paper in there and rolled the foreskin up. It was longer, but it still tore again a couple more times. I did the same thing each time and it got longer each time. Eventually it was as though I never had a frenulum and my foreskin goes all the way back comfortably. I mean ALL the way to where the tip is back almost to the bottom of the shaft so it rolls up and down nicely and doesn't pull down on the head at all.

I didn't think much of it when it tore. I just figured it was what guys had to go through just like when a girl gets her hymen torn. That was 45 years ago. We didn't have the internet or any place to go talk with others about it and it certainly wasn't something you asked the doctor about back then.

For me it wasn't very painful or bloody but I expect everyone is different.

It's really nice to be able to have it go all the way without any pulling or pain, because it allows me to have the full pleasure of the inner foreskin being stretched during intercourse.

Anyway, that's one guy's experience.