Hello i am lucy.    for about two years now after a horrible fall with my bike that made me get a tooth knocked out and a big part of the skin of my left leg shredded off, i have been experiencing horrible symptoms one after another. At first i got random shooting pains in my head , then it stopped and i then got random twitching of my eyebrows, eyes, and above  my upper lip. Then, which was the worst symptoms EVER was when i would wake up and my whole leg,arm,or hand, sometimes left sometimes right, would be completely numb. soo numb that i would have to run around stomping and throwing around my numb limb until i felt it again, which usually came back. then  after that symptom, i would wake up in the middle of the night and my whole left calve would cramp reeeaaallly tighto.O and i would have to massage it until it stops cramping.   i am very concerned about my current health right now. PLEEEASE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!:'(