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i was under depression medicine
now i am out from it
but my right foot twitches wenevr i am anxious,tense or excited
my left foot twitces but very little as compared to d right one
wot should i do?
r there any home made remedies?


I have this twitching/throbbing as well on my foot on the right one on the right side and I see large bump their too. The right one is starting too to form a bump and twitch as well. I dont know what has caused this but I have been taking anxiety pills every so often . I dont know what this is. Does anyone know???


If you find your foot/leg or arm occasionally tiwtching sharply, especially if you are tired or coming from the effects of a drug (any) this is normal and to be expected. Most people don't really notice it or say anything for whatever reasons but your body will occasionally twitch regardless of who you are. Mostly this will happen in your sleep. Theres a term for it but we'll just call it "Random Electrical impulses" for now.

From my old psychology classes we learned about this. Its pretty much a rogue electrical signal from your brain that causes the nerves to force an abrupt and sudden twitch in the limb.

Being anxious will especially cause this as your brain is in a hyper-active state. Excited? Depends on the excitement, happy and joyful? maybe, i can see it.. but not too often unless you're REALLY excited.

However, if it is frequent i would suggest seeing a medical doctor about your condition and seeing what they would suggest.

As for the second post and the bump? I would get that checked up.