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I had my gall-bladder removed about six months ago. I went to the ER and was seen by my own physician and was given shots of phenergren and demerol to no avail. He sent me home while I was still in such severe pain that I could not stand erect or even walk, and I was vomiting a very dark green fluid. He told me I was constipated and to take laxatives. I drank magnesium citrate, I took orals, I was even taking my oral pain killers, which made the pain intensify by thirds atleast! For threee days I lay in my bed and moaned and screamed and stayed curled in a fetal position. I did not eat or drink for over five days due to the pain it caused everytime I ingested any sort of substance no matter what it was! I urinated a couple of times. It would take me about 20 minutes to travel a distance of about 20 feet to our bathroom, and on the third day I peed all over myself, due to the fact that I screamed trying desperately to sit up or roll out of bed. When my husband got home from weork that third evening he rushed me back to the same ER. Another doctor was on call who IMMEDIATELY admitted me into the hospital giving me magor doses of morphine every 4 hours and this did not even touch the pain. Then after 2 1/2 days of laying in this rural hospital the board of doctors finally decided to call an ambulance to rush me to the city hospital, where in a matter of ten minutes they had me opened up in an emergency surgery to remove my ruptured, very inflamed and infected, draining, and four times distended gall-bladder. I stayed in the hospital for a weeek and a half after the surgery with a drainage tube and some breathing machines due to such low blood oxygen I was told. They cut my bladder and my abdomen muscles on my right side. They informed me that my diet would not change in any way, and sent me home with the instructions that the abscence of my gall-bladder made no impact on my daily life.
Well, I am here, six months later, very upset, because either they have completely been untruthful with me, or else I have some severe side-effect going on and I do not know what to do!! I take certain medications, one being Depakote,, and my body just isn't handling the transition well at all.!! Everything I eat, I have a window of about 5-15 minutes until I am sick. A lot of drinks are the same way! Like I said, I was given no instruction on a certain diet change. Exactly the opposite....

Please help!!!!!!! Any info is more than welcome and appreciated! I desperately need it!!!


My partner is having a few problems after her gallbladder removal 2 weeks ago seems the op has more problems than they say I am researching this and will post on here my findings , one thing is the vagus nerve and problems associated with this. More searching required good luck all