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I have multiple stones in my Gall Bladder. I have never experienced severe stomach pain except that I do feel acidity (burning sensation in upper abdomen ) whenever I eat spicy or go for overeat.Doctor has suggested me laproscopic surgery.

I am still doubtful whether I should go for this surgery or not. Will it cause any side effects ? Is there any other way out to get rid of surgery ?


get the laproscopic surgery.
i am only 17 but had gall bladder attacks for over a year when i was 16 and got my gall bladder removed a year ago.
it was the best thing i feel i have ever done health wise.
i didnt have any side effects other than sometimes getting an itchy scar!


Dear Guest,

The stones in the gall baldder and the heartburn are caused by the same underlying condiiton. An inflammatory autoimmune disease. The gall baldder contracts to squeeze out bile as a normal function. The esophagus has peristaltic activity when you swallow and is compressed shut between swollowing episodes. So, both organs are involved in muscular contraction that is caused by neurological input, more or less automatic or in medical terms, autonomic neurological function. In your case the nerves making the gall bladder work and the esophagus work have been harmed leading to stasis in the gall bladder and so gall stones developed and the lack of compressive sealing of the distal end of the esophagus causes hydrocholoric acid, pepsin, and food products to regurgitate or reflux into the esophagus (which has a lining nearly like your palm) and it is chemically burned.

These conditions are then simply target-organ manifestations of a generalized nerve disease. People often have low back pain, intermittant numbness in the fingers, sometimes migrain headaches, sometimes a rheumatoid disease. All these are caused by an inflammatory blood vessel disease and "nerves all have blood vessels coursing along with them" and since nerves are "sensitive" they are affected commonly and then, of course different parts of the body start working wrong.

Docs try to identify what part is not working right. In the case of the gall baldder they remove it since the common bile duct will expand and hold the secreted bile. In the case of esophagitis, they give acid reducers to decreased the manufacture of hydrochloric acid by the stomach. None of the "disease altering" treatments help the underlying, inflammatory,autoiommune disease.

If you want to learn more write me at,****** and use the title of rheumatism, since what you have are all part of the rheumatism concept!

I am a ret. doc who has seen 250,000 patient visits; one of the last general pactitioners who treated males and females, of all ages for all diseases, only in that setting could have I figured out the above, and much more. I am finishing a book about rheumatism, title will be **** and it will be in most book stores by Feb. I think.

Yours, Lance Kristiansen, DO

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I had my gall bladder removed. Initially there was serious pain under my sternum, felt like golf ball (or alien) trying to get out. Lasted 45 minutes of intense pain, then went away. Eventually it got clogged or something, went in and had my gall bladder removed.

I still have the pain, but its more rare. Some foods "set me off", often every time, so my diet has become smaller and smaller to cope. Often if I eat too much, eat high fat food, or wait too long between meals I almost immediately after eating have to go dump my entire colon (so it feels), then I feel like c**p for a few hours.

If you don't have to get it removed, DON'T, your body needs every organ it has, else it wouldn't be there. My wife had hers removed over 10 years ago (mine was in 2002) and also has many similar symptoms.

If you start getting pain eat 3-6 tumbs, they often make the pain not get quite so intense, and the attacks are over in 15 minutes instad of 45. Nothing else I've ever tried has done c**p for it, and its a hard pain to take (the first time it happened I called an Ambulance). My wife says its worse than childbirth.

Oh, and google is your friend, gall stones aren't a bad thing, they are only bad if they interfere with normal gall bladder operation. Just about *everybody* has at least some stones.