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I was 21 when I had my gall bladder surgery.... I became pregnant in July of 07 and I suffered from a pain almost like heartburn or a gas bubble in the middle of your stomach. It was not until my third trimester I went and was contracting very early. They gave me shots to stop the contracting and the doctor sent me home with UTI medication. I felt like I was having a heart attack needless to say and I could not catch my breath. My mom rushed me to the emergency room as my doctor had put me on bed rest.

When I got to the hospital they immediately sent me to OB and they did A LOT of tests and came to find that I had pancreatitis and gall stones. My whole entire gall bladder was filled with gall stone so my bile had backed up. They put me on Mag to stop the contractions and tube down my throat into my stomach to pump the bile out. Three days later it was removed. After spending close to two months in the hospital they had to call the High Risk doctor in Orlando Florida to make sure they could take my son early!

They took him early and he was sent to Orlando to live in the NICU (neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for a week or so. His lungs were not fully developed and like any other child he was Jaundice so they had to get that straightened out. He right now only suffers Asthma and breathing issues which is common.

I had to have an emergency C-section and the doctors informed me that If this were to happen I would get my gall bladder out than. I lost to much blood during the C-section so they could not take it out.

6 weeks later and spending three more times in the hospital, having a stent put into place they finally took the gall bladder out.

Still today I have boul issues, and some things do not stay down. I feel as though I have no energy whatsoever also.

I have come to walk and make myself do things so I am not so tired and double up on vitamins and that seems to work pretty efficiently!

If anyone can please help me on a diet or something I am not overweight by any means but, I really would like to get this constant gaining under control. I have never broke 100 when I had my son I could not gain weight as everything I ate came up. So... For the past 19 months I have been able to break 100 or so. But..... I just do not want to let it get out of control and not be able to fix it before its to late.

Any ideas???


Hi there, a friend of mine has had this surgery as well and she has not had the weight issues that you describe. YOu have to make sure that you stay physically active--it's not solely a matter of diet. How much do you exercise?


Try the vitamins B100 energy metabolism, enzyme complex for it digestive tract, and zinc lozenges for, truly works wonders. You will be totally surprised almost instintly. Good luck