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Have been reading all the messages that have been left and feeling very glum about ever getting rid of the pain. I had my gall bladder removed exactly 3 years ago and I am still in constant pain. The pain is mostly in my right shoulder blade and my right side where the gall bladder was removed.

I have had several different kinds of endoscopys and each have come back normal. they thought he sphinct muscle was probably staying open/closed on the bile duct, normal. I keep having abnormal liver readings and they can't understand why.

I am seeing a pain consultant and he has suggested pain nerve block injections, appt was march and the soonest they can fit me in is january !!!!!!!!!! I am presently onto my own g.p. and they are trying to get me see sooner or at another hospital.

I survive on little food and in total have lost 3 stone in weight.

I.m not a very nice person these last couple of years and feel that i want my oldself back. I cant go out for meals or social occsions where food is involved as i don't / cant always cope with the comments about how much i haven't eaten.

I feel that these problems were never told to me before the operation


yours sincerely, sandra lester


Are you taking any supplements to help you digest food? I recently had my gallbladder removed and have been taking bile salts, plant enzymes, HCL, and Choline. Do a google search for "gallbladder removed why am i still in pain" and the first link is where I buy my supplements from. They have a ton of information there, hopefully something will help you!