I had my gall bladder removed 3 1/2 years ago after spending 8 days in 24-hour nausea, vomiting, near renal failure. I had zero pain with my gall bladder attacks, just this 24-hour nausea and vomiting. Once before was it that bad and I thought it was Salmonella or food poisoning. When I presented to the ER 7 days before, the ER doc told me it was gall bladder attack and to visit my regular doc for eval.  Well, 8 days later, I went back to another hospital ER and they took me right in for emergency surgery. Again, no pain, just this intense nausea & 3-minute apart vomiting. Ultrasound showed my gall bladder was a raisin. Before I had it removed, I had no diarrhea, although I was on an OTC regimen of Ranitidine 75 for gerd. After it was removed the side effects went away, but the diarrhea did not. It progressively got worse. When my doc put me on high blood pressure meds (diuretic), I thought my life would never be normal again. Constant diarrhea and now internal hemerhoids. I went off the high blood pressure meds, but stayed on the Ranitidine and the diarrhea has improved, but still there. I believe it is one of the side effects of the gall bladder removal. I have researched the use of Calcium as an inhibitor and that has helped at 1,000 MG a day, but nothing takes it completely away. Every now and then, I'll get a quick tinge of pain in my upper right quadrant where the gall bladder was removed, that's it. My next step besides diet regulation is cholestyramial or aluminum hydroxide.