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I would be really grateful for peoples opinion on the following whether you're a doctor or someone who recognises these symptoms.

- Constant discomfort (feeling of pressure) under lower right rib cage. It is more uncomfortable when sitting as if there is an obstruction in there
- Intermittent discomfort in centre of chest above stomach
- Intermittent headaches (not painful, more like a gentle squeezing of my brain
- Intermittent pain on right flank
- Intermittent pain in groin
- Occassional dizziness
- Occassional feeling of haziness or not reality
- Occassional panic attacks
- Occasional heart palpitations
- More gas than usual
- General feeling of malaise
- Fatigue in the morning
- Not as happy as I normally am

In addition, I have a yeast infection on my shoulders and arms that the doctor is trying to treat with dakorta (*spelling) cream, which is not working so I have been refered to a dermatologist.

I am a very fit (triathlete) individual, I am normally a very happy bubbly person but not of late. I do drink far more than the recommended amount and have done so for a few years. I have a very healthy diet with low fat and salts, with a lot of protein and vegetables.

My doctor has put me on omezaprole (*spelling) for the centre stomach pains, and I have cut out alcohol, as they believe it must be gastritis. This has had some success, but not complete.

The main concern is the lower rib pain and the headaches/panic attacks/feeling of not being reality. I am going this afternoon for a gallbladder and liver scan.

What are peoples thoughts upon the potential causes of the above?
Do you think there may be a link between the yeast infection and the other symptoms? i have been reading about candida albinas and there appears to be a lot overlap in symptoms I am exhibiting.

Any peoples thoughts/view would be hugely appreciated as I am becoming exasperated by this and just want to get better and soon.

Thank you



Hi Oli,

Did you ever get a diagnosis? I have been having similar symptoms:

- Discomfort/pressure under lower rib cage, especially after eating or when lying down
- Surface pain in chest area (sternum, sides under arms & breastbone)
- Occassional feeling of haziness
- Occassional panic attacks
- Occasional heart palpitations
- Fatigue
- Vaginal yeast infection (started 3 days ago)

I am 29/F, diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia last year. I haven't had many problems with it and only take antacids when needed. I woke up last week with a racing heart and ever since then I have been having problems. Last year's blood work came back normal, even for my thyroid, but I've had irregular periods and suspect hormones may be aggravating the problem.

Any feedback would help. Thanks!