I'm an 18 years old male. In the beginning of August I had a xtc overdose and almost died. After recovering and being pretty much fine a couple of days later, a week later suddenly without reason my next breath was shallow. I remember being on the pc and just suddenly without any reason my next breath didn't feel right.  It got progressively worse, the next day it was so bad that I started to feel faint and dizzy and I had tingling hands and feet and a tingling head. My hands were so numb I couldn't move them.. 

I ended up going to the hospital where they checked my heart and lungs and said everything was fine, they just attributed it to stress. The shallow breathing stayed and I had a weird feeling all the time, I felt disconnected with reality. I went to a lung specialist to get my breathing checked out but there was nothing wrong, they told me it was anxiety from the near death experience. A month later, I still had trouble breathing all the time, every single second, every day, I started getting heart burns. I had attacks where I would feel SUPER weird and disconnected with everything and with heart palpitations and burns. My breathing was so shallow that one night I woke up in the middle of the night without breathing and it took about 5 seconds before I could breath again, how ever shallow it was. 

My parents and doctors said it was just stress but I begged for a cardiologist, there they found out my heart leaks because I have I believe 2 valves instead of 3 . I had to go to a specialist after this who told me all of my symptoms were because of my anxiety. I must say that after being reassured my heart is "healthy" and I won't die from a sudden heart attack the nightly "panic" attacks reduced and almost completely dissapeared. I still have trouble breathing all the f*****g time though, it just doesn't feel right, it's shallow. The cardiologist I went to first told me this could be because of the missing heart valve but the second one told me it was all in my head. Every day I still can't breath properly and it's getting super exhausting.... I also still feel super disconnected with reality, it's very hard to explain but I almost feel at times as if I am in a coma from the xtc overdose and I'm trying to wake up from it . It's irrational but that's what it feels like at times. I've also got this fear I've got something underlying that might be dangerous because for the last 4 months my breathing hasn't progressed one single bit. 

I had to stop smoking weed because it made my breathing even more shallow. Sigarettes I smoke sometimes,  not a lot at all. Had the same trouble with breathing 2 months ago when I didn't smoke at all so I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with that.


Anyways, I would love to get an opinion on if it's possible because of my genetic heart defect ( missing one valve ) I have trouble breathing, or if it's something else...


Any help will be greatly appreciated : )