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Hi - my symptoms are the following -

Soon after eating ...

--Dull, sometimes persistent pain under right shoulder blade (this is the first symptom I had)
--Dull intermittent pain in area of the gall bladder right where the rib cage ends

Prilosec seems to ease the symptoms for awhile.

I had a gall bladder ultrasound and it showed no stones, but possible sludge. The GI wants to do a HIDA CCK scan, but I'm afraid of excessive radiation as I've already had a CT of the abdomen, a CT chest, and a PET scan in the last month. The CTs/PET ruled out any issues with tumors, etc.

Are there any other tests I could do to identify the gall bladder as the culprit , i.e. blood ? Should I be concerned about the amount of radiation ?

Also, if this is the gallbladder, how much longer can I afford to wait before I get it removed ? Has anyone had any success with a gallbladder flush to rejuvenate the GB ?

Any advice appreciated ...


you shouldn't be afraid of excessive radiation from the HIDA CCK scan. I my self had that test done a few months ago. the test it self lasted about three hours with me having to lay down and not move. the test isn't that bad the worst part for me was when they put the medication or whatever it was though the IV i could feel it go though my vains, it was kind of cold feeling. other then that it wasn't bad