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Hello everyone, new to the boards..

I am a 19 year old college student, and I have been having symptoms ever since what I believe to be was a panic attack in mid March. I smoked cigarettes as well as chewed tobacco for 15 months before this event happened, and have been free of these habits since March 14th (the day of the attack). I also have been sober since the day of the attack, and I used to binge drink (heavy drink 2-5 nights a week for about 7 months). Besides those two vices, I am in relatively good shape, 6'0, 184 lbs.

Three days before this event happened, I had essentially been drinking non-stop up until the morning of it. I had also been smoking, which went hand in hand with drinking. When I wokeup on Friday, March 14th, I felt very "strange"; it was like a hangover on steroids - I was very fatigued, probably dehydrated, and so on. I went to class around 12, and in the middle of class, my heart skipped a beat (which has happened to me, and I'm sure most of you before), and this combined with the unusual hangover to cause my heart to race (most likely nerves). I went outside and was assisted by a janitor to take me to the nurse, and I had to lay down because I couldn't make it. I had the racing heart, I was cold, both my arms started to tingle and then went numb, and I thought I was having a heart attack, and thought I was going to die right there. I was taken to the hospital where all they found was a little deficiency in potassium (nothing big). The EKG cleared, and my blood pressure was at first 150/90 or something like that, probably because of the attack. So, I was released, and I went home for the weekend. The next morning, I woke up in the middle of the night to a pounding heart, palpitations, and full body shakes (which strangely made my abdomen feel like it was in a knot). I went to the hospital later that day for more lightheadedness, tingling in my arms, etc. Again, they diagnosed me with palpitations. Ever since then, I have had these symptoms, which I will elaborate on:

-Heart Palpitations/Racing Heart/Heavy Heart Beat
-Hand Tremor (Right hand)
-Breathlessness/Shortness of Breath
-Occasional Lightheadedness/”Dizziness”
-Chronic Diarrhea - loose stool, watery, and one or two normal bowel movements since March 14th
-Occasional Ringing In Ear
-Occasional Chest Discomfort/Tightness
-General Malaise
-Fatigue/Sluggishness/Body Weakness
-Occasional “Vomiting/Burping Food Up”
-Stomach Bloating and Gas
-Sleep Paralysis
-Occasional Cold/Hot Flashes
-“Heavyheaded” - like someone was wrapping a rubber band around my head
-Very dizzy immediately after waking up, going away in about 5 seconds
-Occasional burning sensation on lower end of sternum
-Mild Headaches
-Enlarged and swollen tonsils (from mono a year ago)
-More fatigued than usual after exertion with fast heart rate (running, masturbation) - possibly due to being out of shape from the past 3 months

I have seen:

Primary Care Physician - I was tested for Diabetes, Lymes, Hyperthyroidism, and a CBC was done with emphasis on my liver function. These tests were all negative. I also had two separate tests for Celiac's disease done, which were negative. I had a stool culture done, and nothing was found.

GI Specialist - Nothing significant found on first appointment, if bowel problems still exist then I have have to call before my follow-up on July 1

Cardiologist - Echocardiogram cleared, 2 week loop monitor cleared (Note: I have had 2 occurences in the past where my heart raced for no reason - most likely due to red bull and a caffeine sensitivity)

ENT - I see June 10th for chronic enlarged tonsils, which may be contributing to fatigue after exertion

As of today (June 4th), these are the only symptoms I really experience anymore:

- Chronic Diarrhea – varies in color and consistency (few solid stools, watery, and loose)
- Racing heart, “weird feeling” after exertion, heavy heartbeats, palpitations everyday (palpitations usually happen once a day anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes, and sometimes happen more than once a day)
- Hand tremor – right hand only, only occurs in specific spot, doctor diagnosed as familial tremor
- Chronic enlarged, swollen tonsils (from mono)
- Feelings of not getting enough air (but worsens when I think about it)

So I come here for help, because I'm sick of feeling crappy, and I haven't gotten a diagnosis other than possibly anxiety. All of the tests were negative, and since Ive been on summer break I haven't been anxious at all, except about why Ive had symptoms for no reason - so I don't see how anxiety could cause watery stool everyday. I have tried cutting out both wheat and dairy out of my diet, but neither has affected my stool. Could all of this be nicotine, alcohol/alcohol withdrawal related? (Its been 83 days since I've smoked/ I would think withdrawal would have passed..) It is starting to worry me that I haven't been diagnosed with anything.

Any help would be appreciated-



Let me say I believe it is still a form of anxiety. I have been battling anxiety for almost 5 years now. One of the worst things to go through. So even if you are happy and not stressing about anything anxiety does not care it will sneak up on you without a noticeable trigger. The last year I have finally been able to control it by eliminating as much stress as possible from my life, breathing techs, positive thinking and excercise. I try to start and end everyday by thinking of five things in my life I am thankful for. But I still have certains situations that get me because those instances were what I was doing when I had some of my worst attacks. Now that you are hypersensitive to your symptoms any time you fell something abnormal you can very well trigger  low level anxiety that can cause one of your symptoms to occur. Then you start to think about that symptom triggering the other symptoms one leading to the other. A horrible cycle.

Getting my hair cut

my job


I find myself having anxiety over the fear That I might have another anxiety attack while I am doing one of the above things. I am not fearful of getting my hair cut but fearful that I might have an anxiety attack while I am getting my hair cut. I have anxiety about anxiety.


Here are some of my symptoms:

Head congestion. Feels like my head is going to explode.

clogged ears. I can hear my voice from the inside and makes me talk lower because it is so loud in my head. also can hear my heart beat.

I can see my heart beat through my stomach.

shortness of breath.

Shooting pains in my whole upper body.

Almost every morning when I wake up. Something is asleep on me arms,legs, hands something


Hard to focus on a task.

Light sensitivity


Lack of sleep makes things worst.


bloated stomach.



breathing tech I use.

Called the 1x/2x/2x tech.

Take a deep breath through nose make sure you fill the lower half of your lungs. your stomach should rise not your chest for 4 sec

Hold it for 8sec

Release the breath with 2 4sec exhales through the mouth.

Do this in a dark place with your eyes closed Try to think of something that makes you happy. Now if you are to the point of shortness of breath the breathing tech will feel almost impossible but it is possible just hard.



If you are vomiting a LOT ask about Cyclic Vomiting syndrome. I know for me personally, tremors and night terrors (panic attacks while sleeping) inconsistent stools, etc, have been a side effect because your body is in starvation mode or even in shock from not being able to retain fluids or nutrition. I hope that helps, it sounds like you've been through the ringer!


Does anyone have or have any kind of infection.i had a pilonidal cyst(tailbone cyst),and it got extremely infected.i got it stabilized,but I don't think it ever completely went away.this infection grew worse as I was oblivious to the feet and legs started to itch very badly.they would ich so badly,that the skin was coming off.then one day I had a toothache and got some antibiotics(clendimyicin)and my heart started acting all crazy.just like yours did.let me explain what may be happening here.this infection lay under my lower back,restricting blood flow to my legs i he'd from lack of blood with infection in it.i caused cellulitis in my feet and eventually was all over me.when I took the antibiotics,it relieved the restriction of the blood flow to my legs.when your blood is restricted from an area,it clots.if you unrestricted the blood from that area,it breaks away but doesn't this point little peices of blood,infection,antibiotics,and whatever else you put in your body.that could affect the heart just a little.this is not stress or anxiety(although neither of them will make you any better,and can delay healing)I can't stand it when someone pulls that stress or anxiety hoopla on me.stress is mental and can cause complications,but there is a difference,cause ultimately" you know you,through and through"


Just wanted to say I've never met/seen anyone else with CVS. My daughter had it.. started at 18 months old but seems to have (knock on wood) grown out of it as she's gotten older. NOT a very common illness; however, is likely tied to migraines I believe they have found.