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my boyfriend was diagnosed with having genital warts yesterday. he has small red dots covering his genital area. i have booked myself in for a pap smear a.s.a.p as i know what the results of doing nothing can be. but i want to know what to expect. at first examination of my genetalia, nothing seems out of the ordinary, it is only when you pull the fold of skin tight that you see some small whitish bumps, sililar to that of chicken skin. i havent been experiencing any abnormal symptoms like discharge or uncontrolable itching. i just want to know the liklihood of me having genetal warts, from the symptoms provided, and if possible to what degree they may have developed. thank you all for reading my post and please, if you have any information post it back.

thank you
a very worried bettieboop


Well, the bumps you described you had are not genital warts but sebaceous cysts, which are a normal skin variant. Every girl has them.

While you have no visible symptoms of the genital warts, it is quite possible that you have developed some on the cervix (beginning of the uterus) and on the vaginal walls.

More than often, they can’t be seen by naked eye and your doctor will perform a colposcopy, a special test used for diagnosing HPV. HPV is a virus that causes genital warts. There are around 100 types of HPV and different strains may cause different symptoms. Some strains cause visible warts on the outer genitals while others cause changes on the cervix or warts on the inside.

You would need to have a colposcopy to determine if you have warts or not. If they are very small, you may even have a test to determine which of the strain you have.

I hope everything turns out well.