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Hi I'm 26 years old girl got married last year with an American, 2 weeks ago I found out lil lumps near my vagina opening, My husband is been away from me for 10 months and I love him so much and stayed very very loyal to him I was never been touched by other guys, except him. Now the lumps are spreding before it was just 4 now I thinmk it's around 10. My question is if I take HIV test is genital warts visible? can they detect it or they have to do physical exam on me? I been crying for 2 weeks now and I don't know how to tell my husband, I'm so scared that he will leave me due to this. I have never loved anyone as much as this. What do I need to do? Can I take antibiotics?

Crying Lady


Hi, I am not a doctor or anything, but I am so sorry that you are so upset by this and I want to try to help you figure it out.

An HIV test will not explain why you have small bumps near your vagina, it is a blood test that determines whether or not you are HIV positive by seeing if antibodies for the disease have begun developed within your immune system. To find out what the small bumps are, you will need a doctor to look at them and perhaps conduct another blood test or a PAP smear, which is a painless procedure in which the doctor uses a cotton swab to see if you have the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV. HPV is the cause of genital warts, which may be what the bumps are, but it also may not be, there are several different common causes of bumps in the vaginal area. These bumps could be a result of shaving or waxing down there, a reaction to a soap or laundry detergent you have used, irritation from sexual activity or something else. Either way, you will want to talk to your doctor and have them look at it to find out what it is and how you can get it cleared up.
I know that it is intimidating to have a doctor check it out, especially when it is problems in that area, but it is something that is very worth it, to help ease your concern and ensure that you are healthy. If you are very uncomfortable, you may want to meet the doctor in person first and speak with them about your problem and your nervousness before you actually have the examination. The doctor may be able to help you out just by talking to you, and it will make you feel better to speak with them before they check you out.
As for speaking with your husband, I can't tell you what to do or feel, or how he will react, but I do think that you should know that you have done nothing wrong, since you said you had been faithful to only him. I would speak with a doctor first, they can even help you figure out a way to talk to him about it, and there may not be anything wrong, so you may not even have to worry about it.
I hope that this has been helpful to you, and I hope that you can get in to speak with a doctor. I am so sorry that you have been so upset, and I hope everything works out, God Bless.