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I discovered a few very small, skin-tag looking bumps on my vagina several months ago. I promptly went to the doc and she diagnosed me with genital warts. I did 4 weeks of Aldara with no results and couldn't afford another treatment right away, so she proceeded to use topical acid once a week on me for several weeks. Every week, they would go away and then a few would come back, but not all of them. Now I'm doing Aldara again and am on my 6th week of it. They're coming back now and I don't get it. More of them then I've had in a long time are popping back up and I'm wondering if the Aldara could be spreading it or causing it somehow, because they didn't grow this fast when i was just being treated with the acid. She said that if I come back next time and they're not gone we'll consider laser treatment. Help me please, because I'm getting really tired of this! What should I do?!


**** a product there called mayapple cream. Mayapple has been used for years on the removal of warts. Even genital, in is derived from the mayapple plant and the root of it is where the ribezom is that is used in the cream, also tree tea oil and other anti viral oils are used but takes about 2 weeks with only applictions of 2 times a day and you only use a little bit on each one. What it does is stops the cell divison on the HPV virus and kills the root of the wart also the other anit viral oils are absored into the skin and helps fight the virus on the inside of you body so get rid of the physical wart and helps suppress the HPV virus. Now the virus will always be present but eat right, exercise and don't smoke and abuse alchol you will never have a outbreak again. Hope it works.


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