Hi there, if you suffer from the effects of GERD or GORD then there could be help readily at hand for no expense. I am not a doctor and do not provide medical advice, I am just informing you of what works for me. If you just want to stop the terrible heartburn you are having or get overnight, try an apple. Yes, an apple there will be a variety that works for you, start with a crisp Delicious and go from there. But this is a temporary remedy for one symptom of a disease that can be crippling for many people. If the H2 inhibitors are not working for you then I suggest you sit up and pay attention because the answer is much simpler than an apple (if it works for you). First, I need to clarify that I have GORD and have unknowingly suffered from it for many years. Doctors today are very busy and unfortunately many chronic patients fall through the cracks being treated for the symptoms presented each visit. I was diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia in my early 20's when the link with GORD was not connected. As I got older I started presenting with other symptoms, shortness of breath treated as Asthma despite passing Asthma tests, catarrh, heartburn, constant nasal drip etc. It was only a TV commercial here in Australia that led me to a website and I eventually consulted and presented my diagnoses for my doctor's confirmation. He may have felt stupid, but I was relieved, I had a diagnoses. It got worse however, as none of the treatments and dosages worked for me and I did receive major side affects from some. I decided to only take the medication when I was in a very poor state. I searched the internet extensively and eventually discovered step 1 an apple. This being a temporary band-aid I looked harder going to very obscure references one led me to a water distiller because I noticed a couple of symptoms became temporarily inflamed after drinking tap water, it was the added chemicals. Yes, some of you may already have guessed the answer by now, water. Unbelievably there was a book in the still we purchased all about the huge medical benefits of water. I was very sceptical (as you are right now) but I read the book cover to cover 300+ pages written by a USA doctor. So I sat there and thought, "who is it going to kill to try it". It was tough at first because you must initially give up all other fluids as they all help dehydrate. I persevered even though it was winter and I was not retaining what I was drinking at first. I re-read the sections on GERD (USA) and started adding a pinch of salt on my tongue after the first mouthful per glass to trick my brain into absorbing the water, success. You should work up slowly if having difficulty until you are consuming 2 litres or more a day of only water. You can re-introduce other fluids later remembering to maintain the minimum level of water and adding a glass for every other glass of fluid (Did I mention it was tough?). This works for me, I still have the condition and still on occasion flare up but on the whole I feel much better and can manage the disease. I hope this helps someone. Please do not blame your doctor, work with him, he knows this but knows you won't believe him. Why do you think all medications suggest drinking a glass of water with them? The water probably does more for you than the medication for some conditions. Yes, tell your other sick friends it works for many chronic illnesses. Spread the word, please believe.