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Ok so i went to the doctor for chest pain twice. The first doctor (emergency room visit) said it was heartburn / gerd. I just got my own doctor finially and he said the same last week. I'm just wanting to know some of the stmptoms any people out there are having. I know my doctor is a professional with 30+ years expierence, but i'm new to this gerd stuff and a little nervous. Here's a list of mine, let me know iff you have the same. 1. Muscle aches in back/ shoulder 2. Arm pain, left and right(mostly right) 3. All sorts of random pains that come and go. 4. Minor cough, very minor. The doctor prescribed me protonix 40mg. So far since last week, no heartburn, at all. And i have been helping out by eating bland food everyday. Its just that i read online that people everywhere are having all sorts of pains due to GERD. Any help or advice is very much appreciated!



I'm on protonix as well, and since I've been diagnosed with chronic gastritis/ GERD for years now, I'm mostly symptom free as long as I stay away from too fatty, acidic and spicy food. Since the protonix eventually limits your vitamin B absorption, it's recommended to take breaks from it and during that time is when I get heartburn and chest pain caused by it back.

The main thing is to watch what you eat - besides fatty, acidic and spicy foods, eating more small portions during the day instead of 3 bigger meals will help a lot,

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Thank you for this I am struggling with gastritis/ GERD for a month now.. I am having a hard time adjusting my lifestyle. This is such a hassle thing. wish I never had this at all.


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I have had GERD for many years and it is managed very well with Prilosec or more recently the generic version, Omeprazole. Other things did not work for me, which they tried when Prilosec was very expensive.

As far as lifestyle adjustments there have not been any to speak of. I don't drink alcohol so I can't tell you how that would affect it. There are few foods that I can't eat as the Prilosec stops the excess acid production. I had heart bypass surgery 19 years ago and have been limiting my fat intake since then so when I do eat some fried foods (clams, French fries etc.) I sometimes do get a bit of discomfort but I think it's mainly because I'm not used to eating it.

The VA switched me to their substitute for Prilosec shortly after my bypass surgery and I had some serious chest and back pain soon after. Because of the recent heart surgery my doctor sent me to the ER to have that diagnosed. They suspected reflux was the problem and gave me a drink with a topical pain killer in it plus an acid reducer. The pain subsided immediately and did not return after the pain killer (numbing agent) wore off so they decided it was only reflux and sent me home with a prescription for Prilosec and said to use that instead of what the VA had given me. I bought that myself until the VA started using Omeprazole.

I think you need to find out what foods bother you and stay away from those but it's not a given that you cannot eat any acidic foods at all. There are many things they used to blame for causing acid reflux that do not bother everyone and you just have to figure out what bothers you.

With what I'm taking I don't feel at all limited about what I eat. I mean I'm not afraid to eat what is being served when I'm not at home even if it is something I don't usually eat. I can also take TUMS if needed as a supplement if something does bother me.