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Hi, I am three months pregnant and I find it very hard to drink plain water as it taste awful for me. I know very well though that drinking water is essential during pregnancy. Will adding a bit of lemon juice to every glass of water have any negative effect on my unborn baby?


Hey congratulations! Drinking or adding lemon juice to your water is fine and no it will not have any negative effect on your unborn baby. As a mater in fact lemon juice mixed with water may help with calming down your morning sickness. And your doctor probably told you to increase intake of vitamin C during your pregnancy and one tablespoon of lemon juice contains 8 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Besides of this drinking lemon juice mixed with water can help if you find that you can't stand other scents or flavors during pregnancy because it's strong taste and smell. But if you feel that acid in the lemon juice gives you heartburn or acid reflux then you shouldn't be using it. Just listen to your body and follow the instructions your doctor gave you and you and your baby are going to be just fine.