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Im getting my implant removed soon as me and my husband wants to have a baby. im 30 years old and have never been pregnant before.

is there anything special i can do to get pregnant after this is removed?


Hi, I am 22 years old and have a 2 year old son, i got my implant removed last wednesday as me and my partner have decided we want to try for another baby. i had a very light bleed for 2 days on the friday. I had sex the night i got my implant removed, and the last three nights in a row.

Yesterday i noticed i was producing a blood smeared mucus and was having really bad twinges/cramping down one side of my lower abdomen, today this has now stopped, i still have a little pain in my abdomen but no mucus, does this mean i am ovulating? i had figured that i was going to be ovulating around this time before this happened but i just want to be sure!

Also how long do you ovulate for? i am desperate to get pregnant because my partner is planning to join the army and i want to get pregnant before this all goes ahead!

In reply to wannabepregnant, The best thing to do is not constantly think about it and try to relax, if it happens, it happens! I have been taking some vitamins, vitamin c is good because it helps with the increase in your cervical fluid which carries the sperm to the egg, but dont take to much because if you do then it has a reverse effect, you should not take more than 1000mg in a day. Also take folic acid or iron tablets,, stay clear of alcohol, smoking ( even 2nd hand ) and drugs! basically just act as though you are pregnant already.

Pregnacare also have a vitamin pack for men and women for conceiving you should have a look into that. ovulation kits are also easy to buy at any chemist but they do come at a price. Its not just you that needs to take all of these things into consideration, our husband should too.

Best of luck in trying to conceive your first child

Jenny xxxxx