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hi ,i am a pharmacist and by accident , i gave a baby of 6 months old 10 cc of tegretol syrup which must equal to 200 mgs as one single dose ...his mother took him for gastric lavage...i want to know does this dose consider an over dose or what.....the presicribed dose for him was 1 cc by two and he is taking it for the first time



Hi, the average weight of a 6 month old is approx 8kg. the recommended dose of carbamzepine is 10 -20 mg / kg / day so in that case the total dose would be 80 - 160mg per day. So yes your dose was in excess of this. Obviously this depends on the severity of the condition and many other factors, however taking him to the ed for blood and assessment wont hurt. Gastric Lavage would be a rather drastic step - one we dont tend to use much in the UK, we would usually treat with an approp antidote / antagonist