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I am going in for a consultation for hemorrhoid treatment. My options are Rubber band, cryogenics and laser (i think its called C02 laser). I would like advice on the least painful and fastest recovery. I actually cannot take any time off work so it has to be be a fast recovery as well.

I dont want to be suckered into the wrong type of treatment because the doctor makes more money off me. So all advice will be greatly appreciated.

A little history - 25 years old. Active lifestyle. Eat healthy and lots of water. Suffering for 2-3 years with stage 2 or 3 internal hemorrhoids

Thank u so much everyone!


Its hard to say what would be the best treatment for you. People usually avoid taking care of the problem, or try for the easier treatments, like Infrared Coagulation, to avoid the painful surgeries, but it doesnt always solve the problem for good. The worse your situation is the less likely the easier stuff is going to help you. All I can suggest is make sure your talking to a specialist, and not just a regular physician or general surgeon. Colo-rectal, hemorrhoid, and vein specialists are the best and have the most experience taking care of issues like yours.