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Hi all,

Have a hard lump slightly inside my anus. It was painless, no blood. Got bigger/more noticeable over, 6 weeks.

However, on the last investigation, the doctor squeezed and ground it really hard. Was kinda painful. SInce then, I've noticed it's size has gone down a lot. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing (spreading the bad stuff elsehwere).

Dr said its not a haemorrhoid and referred me on to a colo-rectal unit (2 month wait!!) 

Anyone have any advice, experienced anything similar?



Hello nff1,

By now you should have been able to go to your colo-rectal unit and found out something.  Anal lump cancers are extremely rare and generally any lump found there is assumed to be a hemorrhoid under normal conditions.  Based on your description of the lump it very much sounds like a hemorrhroid.  Nevertheless your doctor had some reason for thinking otherwise.  Hemorrhoids tend to swell and from time to time and other times they subside.  That's what it sounds like you have.  Well I hope everything went well during your exam and that you simply do have hemorrhoids.  Best of luck to you.