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I have had problems with large external hemroids since the birth of my first child. They are inflamed at least every 2 months. Even when they are not hurting and burning and throbbing they are still there. I have heard the pain from surgery is horrible and I am very scared. Which procedure whould be best and what are the side effects. :'(


Hi there! Last time I had to deal with my hemorrhoids, I did it with infrared coagulation.
It is true that I had to go to several times but I have been hemorrhoids free since that procedure. It wasn’t painful or anything during the procedure except for that fullness feeling I had in my butt when he inserted the scope or whatever the name is. But I lived.
I was bleeding a little bit after each treatment but I wasn’t in pain.

Infrared coagulation doesn’t destroy the hemorrhoids because that is way too painful but veins that are above the hemorrhoid, in the area that lacks nerves and therefore there is no pain. These veins that are destroyed supply hemorrhoids with blood. When they are destroyed, hemorrhoids lack the source of blood and shrink themselves.

How long have you had these hemorrhoids? Everything is way too simpler if they are “young” and small. If the hemorrhoids have been present for a couple of years, then they may not shrink completely but should certainly get rid of the symptoms.