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hey, i'm 17, but have had gynecomastia since i was 12. I am not over weight, on any drugs or medications, or any of the other natureal causes of this teenage problem, it hasnt changed in size for the past 5 years.

I've done my research, and have spoken to doctors, and it turns out the most lightly it wont be going away because of the settled breast tissue for so long.

I cant afford surgery, and since my hormones are still not yet FULLY developed (ie: i have a full beard, broken voice, etc.) i didnt know what to do next:

i dont meet any requirements for hormonal therapy,
and I'm too young for health supplements.

but i did find anabolic supplements at a local drug store. they reduce estrogen levels, decrese DHT and boost testostrone.

should i start taking them? I lift weights, so the body building aspect of it shouldnt be a problem. any help would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey man, I am exactly the same as u,

This has got to me so much I have just about tried everything. I've read so much about it, I could have PHD lol..

neways, I doubt it will go man, mine has'nt and I'm 20. I became vegan, thinking that mabye the hormones given to farm animals (to make em grow faster and bigger etc) might be causing it.. but no change, some weight loss though. I then went on a raw foods diet trying to clear my system.. that was so hard I only managed two weeks.. was the skinniest I've ever been lol, but no gyne loss.

My hormones were checked and found to be normal. and I can't get free surgery from the NHS til I'm 21, I don`t know why, because it won't go on it's own.

It's so annoying because I eat so healthily, and live so healthily, down the gym 3 times a week lifting, and running at least twice a week outside the gym.

Gyne masks all the hard work, and I just look slightly podgy, even though I'm alot healhtier and stronger than my friends.

So like u I thought about using supplements, but the reason men have estrogen is because the enzyme (I'm sure u`ve heard of) aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen.. So by raising ur T.. eventually aromatase is gunna turn it back to E! It's a f*****g nightmare. This is what happens to steroids abusers and they get gyne too.

Anti-E's will do the same thing I think, they block estrogen receptors, so estrogens effect is diminished. However ur body naturally regulates hormone levels, and if it detects E is low, It's gunna convert more T to E..

The only way to get rid of it is surgery. U gotta speak to a doc, get it free man, f**k paying, noone shud have to pay, us gyne sufferers have paid enough yer?


I understand that you said that there is a way to get free gyne surgery?? Let me know b/c i am over the legal age, and seriously considering getting it done. If you need some help, email me at ***, to replyy...put "gyne" in the subject line...


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Wow I am the same and 17 healthy diet, gym, track nice diet but nips still puffy about the size a grape. Please contact me if you found any answers or had any questions 

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