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So I am 16 years old guy and I have this thing called Gynecomastia I believe. It's like a little bubble inside one of my nipples. Thats sad... and I want to use supplements like protein and so, for sports to gain wight, becouse I am skinny guy for my age. Can I use sport supplements while having Gynecomastia ?


Hi Guest,

Gynecomastia is breast tissue developing.  It is common for a males breasts to enlarge a bit early in puberty but it usually resolves quickly.  Please see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.  Don't just assume you have it.

What supplements are you considering, specifically?  Seriously, most are a waste of your money.  You need a well balanced diet, plenty of sleep and exercise to develop - NOTHING more. 

To add, you are in puberty.  Your body is making lots of testosterone.  Testosterone helps build muscle mass.  Synthetic hormones in some "supplements" can cause your testicles to shrink, liver problems, and sexual problems.

Just because you can buy this "stuff" it does not mean it is safe.  Most "supplements" are unregulated.

Be safe, good luck.