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I had an abortion on May 8th. I took a pregnancy test today (Fathers Day) and im showing another positive pregnancy test. Either- Im pregnant again, There is still some pregnancy tissues in my uterus, or my HCG levels have not gone down.

I did have sex after my abortion, about 2 weeks after. The condom was pulled off without my knowledge until afterwards. He insisted that I go get plan B.... I already have a child. Because I believe in being responsible for our actions. HOWEVER, because I already have a first child AND I live in a Catholic household, I couldnt do it to them AGAIN. So I had my abortion.... I really really dont want to have another one. However, I cant properly take care of another one. Im a full time student, full time worker, and a full time single mother. 

ALSO- I lost the pills they gave me for antibiotics for the abortion. But I found them just the other day. I lost them about 4 days after my abortion. Could I still take them?

Is there anything that someone could tell me? Or is the ONLY thing I can do is go back to the doctor? I already have to work across the street from Planned Parenthood... I really dont want to go there again.


Hi Answers,

You'll have to go back to the doctor.

The only way to know for sure about the hCG levels is a quantitative (blood) test.  Your doctor would need to see the actual values in your blood and determine if they were dropping.

It can be that your levels just haven't dropped yet.

Don't worry about the antibiotics now.  Toss them.  They were to prevent an infection.  You'd have known by now if you had one.  

Don't save them for when you're sick either.  Misuse of antibiotics can make an infection harder to treat.