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I was 8 weeks pregnant and found out that I was having an ecotopic pregnancy, they had to do surgery to take my baby and my right tube or the baby would kill me it was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I had no choice. But a week after I done blood work and my hcg levels was at 1500 and I was wondering can u try to have a baby again while your hcg level is still high and what would it do if u did get pregnant. Please help cause I really want a bother baby!!!


Hi Tif,

Sorry for your loss.

Yes, you can try for another baby.  Has the doctor given you any restrictions however?  

One problem is that a home pregnancy test will not work.  If you took it now, it will show you as pregnant.  The hCG levels will continue dropping so you'd need a quantitative test (how much hCG) , usually a blood test, instead of the urine test (usually qualitative - are you/aren't you).  It won't hurt the baby if you do get pregnant.

Your cycle may take a while to settle down.

Good luck.