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hi i had an abortion 8 weeks ago and i still havent gotten my period yet i regret so much for doing it. i started haven unprotected sex a week after the abortion me and my bf we live together so i have regular intercourse  and he has came in me every single time we do it. if i am pregnant again im keeping for sure my bf agrees that we keep it this time. iv gone to the doctors and told them i havent got my period and all they say is that its normal to not get your period months after an abortion i cant rely on pregnancy test cuz it mite just give me false positive. wat should i do can someone plz help me wat if i am really pregnant and all of it is being ignored by doctors 


Hi Guest,

Yes, you might get a false positive, then again you might not.  It depends upon how far along you were.  Regardless, your doctor could run a blood test (quantitative analysis) to see what your hCG levels actually are.  Then, in a second test, if they are rising or dropping you'd know.

It can take months to get your period back - and the longer you were pregnant the longer it can take. 

Hang in there.