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I had a medical abortion 6 and a half weeks ago, at 8 weeks pregnant. I went back for the follow up visit and they said my uterus was clear and the pregnancy had ended. Well, 5 weeks after the abortion I decided to take a pregnancy test out of paranoia. It said not pregnant. Well a weeks later, 6 weeks after the abortion, I decided to take the other test since I had it laying around and I still hadn't started my period, even though I had been cramping for a week, which happened with the first pregnancy. Well, to my surprise, the test said "pregnant, 2-3 weeks" then I bought another digital 2 pack the next day, both said pregnant. I then went to the dollar store and got the non digital ones to see how dark the line would be...and it was very dark on both. So my question would be, could this be leftover chemicals even thought the first test said negative, and now they say positive, indicating an increase in HCG levels? Also, would I be at an increased chance of miscarriage getting pregnant this soon after an abortion? I have been having cramps but they seem to be much less today...what to do? What doctor would I go to? Does planned parenthood do blood tests? Thank you for any advice. And no, I won't be getting another abortion, and yes I have had unprotected sex.


Hi Sky,

It does take time for the hCG levels to drop after an abortion.  The first test you took may have been inaccurate, we can't say for sure.

Home tests will not tell you if you are pregnant now.  They are a qualitative test, yes or no.  They do not indicate the actual levels of hCG - a quantitative test.  At this point we'd note the current hCG levels and have you return in a week or so and retest.  It should be decreasing, not increasing.

See your doctor.  Your regular doctor is fine or an ob/gyn.

good luck.