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For the past 2 days I feel like I have a hair on the left side of my mouth and it's driving me crazy!  I take meds for various things and supplements for myrofiyralga.  The other day I let my dog lick my ice cream cup clean and then ate of the spoon.  Does anybody know what it is



the hir looking spots in mouth are usually caused by fungal infection - the type of fungi that started to breed in your mouth simply grows in hair-like shape. In worst cases, people had their whole tongue hairy, or depending  - again - on the type of fungi you're infected with, this 'hair' can be in all colors from white to black.

The treatment for this is relatively simple, with local anti-fungal medications like Nystatin, but you might also get prescribed Diflucan, who treats the infection at the systemic level. It's nothing too scary, and luckily it does go away completely with treatment,

Wish you all the best,