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My Dandruff flakes are often BIG but most have a red dot in the center i think its blood, not sure... My offical reason of posting this is WHY DO I FEEL A LARGE LUMP ON MY HEAD AND I RUB IT AND IT GOES AWAY AND I FEEL IT IN ANOTHER SPOT???





Your big dandruff with red spots may be due to having a fungal infection of the scalp (tinea capitis).  Capitis means head and this is also called ringworm but it is a funga infection not worms.  This is fairly common and it can occur in your beard, groin area, toes and on many areas of the skin.  Fungi tend to grow in warm, moist areas.  Fungal scalp infections can occur if you have some type of scalp injury, don't wash your hair often enough, or sweat a lot.  This stuff spreads easily simply by using someone elses comb or wearing their hat or brushing against them.  Cats often have this and you can get it from them.

As to your lump between your scalp and your skull, that's a cyst known as epidermoid cyst.  These are fairly common as well.  The cyst could have air, pus or blood in it.  Yes, if you press on it, it will move.  Most of the time these cysts are benign.  However, it's a good idea to have a doctor do a biopsy to make sure.  If necessary, the doctor can remove it surgically.