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I would like to start taking Garcinia as a weight loss supplement. It is suppose to help with craving, and hunger pangs. I'm just trying to eat healthier, not less... but when I have a healthy meal, I tend to crave some sweets. This supplement was recommended. It was also listed in the YOU on a Diet book by Dr. Oz. I started to search for it online...and was overwhelmed by the number of different brands. Does anybody know of a high quality, and reputable brand that would carry this supplement? I've heard at times consumers think they are buying something and aren't really getting what they paid for. By the way, has anybody tried this supplement or have feedback on this supplement? Look forward in getting your recommendations... :-D


One of my friends was using Garcinia and she was impressed with the results. She has lost few pounds and she was eating normal and not starving like people usually do. After some time she started with yoga so she didn't have the side effect like loose skin. So everything positive about this product from her. But we have heard that friend of a friend was using it as well and that she didn't have any results. 

So you have to decide by yourself is it worth to buy this supplement. And further more there are people who have sweet teeth and there is nothing you can do about it. Just don't overreact. Take one piece of chocolate instead of one row and in the morning try to eat fruit. It will increase your sugar level and it is healthy as well. Let us now about your results.