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I used to weigh close to 200 lbs. I began following a low carb diet and took of weight, but then it became a struggle because I always craved sweets and couldn't have them.

My friend was eating healthy chocoalte and lost 7 lbs so I tried some of that.

I eat a chocolaterave protein bar for breakfast (one protein bar is equiv to 2 egss, plus vitamins) it fills me up ALOT and I use it as a meal on the go type of thing.

Then I eat a yogurt as a snack or a piece of fruit

Then I eat another protein bar for lunch

Then I eat a low carb dinner with some string cheese and veggies.

I've been doing this straight for over a year now and I look better now then in my 20's.

Since eating the chocolaterave protein bars I no longer struggle with cravings for chocolate or sweets and I feel totally full.

Ps. if you do crave more sweets, they do sell the nuggets which are pure dark chocolate and are YUMMY too!

Good luck to everyone!!!

I'll try to post a pic of me in my profile if you want to check out how big I was then.


Okay, I was able to put my before and after pics in my profile under website - I used shutterfly to upload them.