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Hello All,
My father is suffering from cancer, It seems doctor is saying it has crossed third stage.
He is undergoing treatment in Manipal, and doctor has prescribed RADIATION for 33 days.
Radiation has just started.

What best can i do, to cure my father, please give me some good information, so that i can cure my father cancer.
Is it good to for Kemo Therapy.
He also heart patient.
Please give me suggestions
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kind regards


Chemo threapy may be the next stage if the raditaion doesnt work....Depending on how bad the cancer is some like to start with radiation, then if this doesnt work, start chemo thearpy..Chemo is very hard for some to go through, this can cause hair and weight loss, and also bring down the count for white blood cells, which fights off infection...There are many types of cancers out there and some really dont have a cure...They can only put it in remidiantion....and pray that it stays there and doesnt come back..Im very sorry that your father is going through this right now, the best thing that you can do is to keep working with the doctors and always keep your hopes up.....


dear raghavendra
I strongly recommend you to steer clear from chemo.Unfortunately chemo expedites demise of the patient. Haven't heard good things abt it at all. But have heard a lot of horror stories and seen people suffering. With a third stage cancer believe me, whether you do it or don;'t do it you are still doomed.why make it miserable for the patient? Sorry for saying this. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer at the same manipal hospital B'lore, met doctor Poonam Patil and discussed everything in detail. She is now in the 3rd stage. they did a colonoscopy, a surgery to remove the affected part. The doc said she has about 6 mounts to live. this happened in 2008 april and its 2009 feb and she is still hail and hearty with minimal discomfort. eating well and walking abt. No medications, no chemo, good healthy diet, meditation and leading a quiet life! is helping. we decided against it and i am telling myself that i deserve a pat on my back for not doing chemo. Around the same time my friends mother was also diagnosed woth cancer, same hospital was put on oral medication a little less stronger than chemo but dies a painful death in 3mos.
good luck! my chemo!
shubha Narayanan