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Gall bladder cancer which has moved into liver (only a couple of spots) of body is clear supposedly. Can the gall bladder be removed and can a chemotherapy pill or radiation be used instead of intraveneous chemo? What else can be done if anything? Julie


A number of possible operations are used to try to remove cancer of the gallbladder. Some of them are extremely major surgery. This is often called a simple cholecystectomy. You have your whole gallbladder removed in this operation, and nothing else. If the cancer has spread throughout your gallbladder then the surgeon will have to change the operation from a simple cholecystectomy to an extended cholecystectomy.

Depending on what your doctor recommends there are several chemo alternatives. The pill or radiation as well as the intraveneous chemo you mentioned are all possibilities and it is up to you and your doctor to decide which better suits your needs.