Im 17, and my bf is 22, weve been dating for a year and a half and hes been living with me and my family for 10 months now.

The problem is getting to sleep. i have weird things which causes arguments between us which then means i cant get to sleep till 3am.

the weird things i have to do is have a part of my body touching his (foot, hand, leg etc), i dnt like him facing away from me..and i dont like to be far away from him. he is completely different, he dosent want me near him and he likes his space (alot of it) and if i dont do these things with him then i dont get to sleep untill 3am...

Ever since he started settleling into the house, i cant sleep anywhere without him, when i had a big argument with him once i stormed out planning to stay round a friends house for the night but walked home at half 1 in the morning because i couldnt get to sleep. i also tryed to have a friend round staying but i felt to sorry for him upstairs by himself so kept popping up there every half an hour and didnt get to sleep till about 2am.

Also because im not getting any sleep, it affects my college work and im becoming an aggresive person...

the problem is im getting to close, so do you reckon he should move out before irll never ever be able to get a good nights sleep when he does adventualy move out?? or should he just keep living with me and i should stop being selfish?? or is there something wrong with me personaly??

need advice, any comments welcome. please help, its driving me crazy!!