It’s a hard to decide where to start- I guess it should be from the beginning so I apologise for the length of this. I met my ex when I was in college. We hit it off straight away, were friends for about a year and then got together on Christmas day 2012. He’s very attractive however, his personality is something that drew me in. He was very interesting, had views on the world that I’d never had before and was just overly interesting to me. Even before we got together I’d sit for hours just listening to him about how he was feeling and what his views were in life. When we got together we had our typical honeymoon period that lasted about a year. Everything was going very well and were very ‘loved-up’. In Jan 2014 I moved into his family home with him, this had been due to a couple of factors. I had been arguing with my Mum a lot and we’d also wanted to live together but did not yet have the money. We agreed that whilst we were living at his, we would be saving to move out. At first, everything was lovely, we couldn’t have been happier. Then a few months in, he started behaving strangely. He started having periods of extreme lows that would last for days. I could usually sense when he was feeling low, I would literally have to spend hours talking him to a better place again. I would often have to cancel seeing my friends as I’d end up feeling guilty or scared that he would end up in a low place. When he was low it was very rare that he was vocal about it; he’d only end up ignoring me or his family. When he ignored his family he would need additional time with me to make him feel better. He shouted at me a couple of times but this was very rare. He also started to get some strange sleeping habits. He’d sometimes like me to sleep in another room as he couldn’t sleep very well with me in the bed. I obviously didn’t like this so as a result, sometimes we would bring the mattress into his room so I could sleep in his room with him. We intimacy in the bedroom also started to reduce however, when we were intimate, it was just as passionate as before. In Feb 2015 he hit another low point. His reason being this time that he needed some space and didn’t think me living at his home was helping him. I moved out and lived with a family member. He told me we should save and aim to get our own place together as soon as possible as he was finding it difficult with living with both myself and his parents which is understandable- even though we all get on very well. During this time we were still happy and laughing and spending a lot of time together. I was still listening to his theories on a daily basis however, he’d been getting anxious about a lot of things so I spend a great deal of time reassuring him that he was okay. He had a great problem with Social Media, I’d come off Social Media by this point as he was getting very anxious about it and was convinced it is the problem with most issues in the world. Shortly after I’d moved out of his house, he ended the relationship. He didn’t seem very sorry however, he was in a low point so I couldn’t get much out of him vocally any way. He told me he still wanted to be friends but that he just didn’t want to be with anyone at that time. A couple of weeks later he asked to be back with me and everything went back to just how it had before. I started looking for somewhere to live on a semi-permanent basis as he was in his 3rd year of his 4 year apprenticeship and developed an anxiety of moving out without having a fulltime job. I moved out in March 2015 and everything was still happy and as was previously. We booked a holiday for July 2015 which would be our 3rd year abroad. We were both very excited. Around June 2015 there was a terrorist attack. This made him very anxious about flying. I actually only managed a handful of hours sleep before we were going away due to the amount of hours I spent awake with him reassuring things were going to be okay. When we went away he was in his low point- hardly spoke to me and wasn’t intimate with me, a completely rubbish holiday. The day we came back home, he ended things. Again, he didn’t seem sorry and ignored me for a couple of weeks. I joined Facebook again and started making lots of new friends. About a month later we were good friends again and started things off again, very happy. We’d been very loved up since we’d had the time apart. He was telling me that he’d never been happier with me and we were making lots of plans for the future. He was hardly having any low points and all of his family were glad that he was ‘on the mend’. He’d booked a trip away for Christmas as a Birthday present which cost him about £1000 in total plus other presents. We went to a local German market with his family at the start of December which was really lovely. We were really loved up, a lot of kissing and intimacy and he paid for dinner. That was on the Saturday, the Sunday morning I woke up and he was completely ‘blank’. Not speaking to me- I told him I was going home to get changed. He asked what we were doing that day and I said that I didn’t want to spend time with him if he was going to ignore me. He was fine with this. I went home and later in the day I text him to see how he was feeling, hopeful that he was feeling better and that we could do something in the evening. He started texting saying that he wished I valued him more and that he deserved someone that loved him more. I got angry and then we didn’t talk until later. He text me later in the day apologising but that he ended it with me multiple times and didn’t know what but he felt there is something “missing”. Which would have been a lot easier to understand if he wasn’t as loving as he was just hours before. He told me he needed his space so I left him too it other than a couple of texts from him saying that he had gambled most of his money away. A week later he came over and ended things with me, also told me that he’d changed the details of the trip so his sister and her boyfriend could go. I’d heard from him Christmas day to wish me happy Christmas but nothing since. He’s since, joined Facebook. Which is fine but annoying to me considering the amount of hours I spent reassuring him. His only friends on there are a bunch of friends that he spent time with before he met me. They spent a lot of time drinking and getting in trouble together- whilst we were together he’d told me he was glad he’d ‘outgrown’ them. He’s blocked my phone number and blocked me on Facebook so I have no way of contacting him. I didn’t receive any contact on New Year and haven’t heard from him since Christmas. I’d like to add that both his Mother and Sister suffer with depression and they all live in the same household. He’s never been diagnosed with anything- he knows he has something but never has the courage to go to the doctor. He’s also scared of the thought about taking tablets. What do I do? Normally I can sense him getting bad but this was just an over-night thing so it’s very hard to digest. Feeling very let down and heartbroken.