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HI my name is ivan and im 19 years old so i been dating my girlfriend for 1years and 3 months we know she is bipolar so the past 9 months were find but this is how everything happened :  i met her last year i was dating her for like 2 months and she got kick out of her house so i thought about it come to my house with my family i wanna help you because she have no place to go so she move with me we were living together for like 1 year anyways she star getting depressed after 1 year together she was working  so hard  and different shifts that make her so tired and sick but i just noticed that everything wasn't the same that something was changing and we were fighting to much it wasn't good at all. so she decided to leave the house and move to her brother it was really sad when she told me we done! she broke up with me so she was living with her brother for 2 weeks and than after 2 weeks she text me one day " i miss you so much" and i told her i miss you too and than she she said i wanna see you so we went to eat breakfast and finally she told me that she still love me and she want to be with me but she need a little bit of space i  was like ok  fine i give you space so everything was fine i gave her space but we r not back together yet so she told me that she did something with this guy she sleep with him.... i was in shocked i was so mad and idk it was one of the painful moment of my life and i asked her why she did it and she said i dont know i asked her if she like that guy and she told she dont even have feelings for him at all i mean she was suffering that she did it she said sorry to me she was craying like i never seen  her crying before. f**k!!! the bad thing im in love with her i told her im sorry but i cant hold this no more i left the house and she was texting me babe come backi need you she was bagging me and telling me alot of things that she really want me back and she is sorry for what she did so.. i did come back to her house idk my heart told me dont let her alone come back for her so i did come back to her and i did forgive her for what she did because i love her with all my heart so she told me that she wont hurt me again and wont do something stuid again so i do trust her but still you know. so we r back together i give her one more chance and now we r doing good she live with her mom now and i live in my house. so after everything we r how we start it everything so.. bipolar people are hard to handle but i dont wanna give up on her i mean i do understand that she is bipolar and everything but what else can do? what would be the best for us? 

thank you !



First no one can understand Bipolar.  I have had it since 2000. I was cutting on my arms and taking valium because I had a big problem with my sister in law who moved in with us for 2yrs back then. She and my younger brother are not together anymore. You have to read up on the topic to understand her situation. Unlike me I do have my mood swings and she would never get over it cause it will come on at the last second. My u should go see a professional to help you. I have taken alot of meds and now in 2012 they seem to work . Without them I'm a nightmare. My husband has learned that in the middle of a fight is to just walk away.