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me and my boyfriend were messing around the other night and he put his penis in my vagina to see what it feels like, we didn't do sex motions or anything and not all of it was in, he didn't cum inside me and we took it straight out, my period was due yesterday (the day after we did this) and it hasn't came,I'm freaking out, could I be pregnant please help me!!!


ANYTIME you have unprotected penetrative vaginal sex you take the risk of pregnancy - it doesn't matter if he's "dry", doesn't matter if it just for a second, or "no sex motions" ALL it takes is 1 sperm (which you can't see) getting to the egg! So I can not say with 100% certainty that you are not pregnant! I would put it at 80 - 90% that you aren't! The reason for that is MOST women ovulate 14 days before their next expected period - so this would make it too close for you! BUT that is not an exact science - as ovulation can be affected by many factors. Your delayed period - IF you are pregnant - would not be affected yet. So you are probably late from being stressed - or it's just an off month! With these 2 factors - and add not a full on ejaculation, that is why I can't be 100% sure! NEVER EVER take the chance - it's TOO bad for your boyfriend IF he wants to not use a condom! This is YOUR body, YOUR future, YOUR health - so NEVER EVER take a chance - not even for a second, or some friend saying that they have unprotected sex all the time, or a friends friend has never used contraception. Know the facts & PROTECT YOURSELF! You COULD take the morning after pill/Plan B - as long as it's within 72 hours of the unprotected sex. This would stop virtually all chances of conception! IF it's been longer than 72 hours - don't bother it is ineffective! Also IF there has been conception - and it's SO close to your period, you will STILL get your period - that's not a sign at this early point! Please let me know how you make out - good luck - I think you will be fine!