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Hello everybody, I am a 33 yr old male, for about the past 3 yrs Iv been getting this problem which has really affected the amounty of excersise I can do and nocw as a result of it my fittness level has dropped very much. The problem happens like clockwork, after excersise I get a headache pain behind my left eye and it makes me feel very tired, is it some kind of exhaustion disorder?


Hey Rich,

only thing of I can think off the top of my head is dehydration,or something to do with the amount of oxygen u are getting in. Maybe not breathing correctly?? Not for sure, that was problem for me. Are you sure you are hydrated enough? Similar thing happened to me and I just did 750ml bottle whilst in the gym and a 500ml of water later on. Maybe its same problem for you. Maybe try an electrolyte beverage. Not necessarily Gatorade, but you can find low sugar alternatives at your local health market. Vitamin Water would be good. Other advice I can give you is check your blood pressure,

hope this helped.