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I am glad we are not alone here. My son 12 YO - 1st week Sept., cold symptoms, including sore throat. Wk2 fine, Wk 3 Allergies or so we thought, then head cold symptoms including cough. Sunday pm Wk 4 - complaining of facial pain, ear pain - Mon. went to Dr. possible sinus and double ear (fluid a little red) infection - Tue am debilitating headache from front to back and down both sides of the neck in the back. Both ears feeling like they were going to pop. Started Antibiotics. 10 days later feeling a little better but still had headache and ears are still hurting, X-rays of sinuses came back normal. Mon. went to school and vomited, next few days nausea, headache continuing, one ear still sore, then went to diarrhea and chest pains, Wed went to urgent care told it was a Flu bug. Next Tue back to DR. headache and extreme fatigue. Bloodwork done, came back ok. Headache is now on the left side at all times, cannot be around loud noise or florescent lights (school) Hard time with reading, went to eye Dr. possible swelling on the optic nerve disk. Went to Ophthalmologist, all came back fine possible migraines (tried migraine meds made it worse). No OC pain medications are helping. As of 11/12 went to a neurologist now we are told he has seen a 1/2 dozen cases of this. Somewhere along the line he picked up a virus which has settled in his brain causing the headaches (possible swelling) new RX pain med. Naproxen not much relief and now fighting depression (from the meds maybe) I will update if we have anything new.


I am sorry to hear that your son has to go through such an awful ordeal.  Do you have the name of this nasty virus?  Will the virus run its course at some point?  Is there any other relief measures the neurologist suggests?   I hope that he gets well real soon so that he can resume school activities and everything else a boy his age should be enjoying.  Does he still have the migraine symptoms? Migraines are horrible; I used to have them myself, and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Please keep us updated on your son's progress.  Thank you for sharing your story.