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Hello, I am doing a research project on the health risks of weight lifting in teenagers.

Anyone can help?


Hi Haslina. As you know teenagers are special kind of young people so any sport activity which is going to keep them away from the street is good activity and weightlifting is no exception. But teenager shouldn't lift weights without guidance of a coach or a trainer. Teenager should enjoy in the weight lifting and the workout routine should be appropriate for his body size and strength. As in any other sport patience is a virtue so some time must go by before true results come and this is where the problems begin. Most of teenagers don't want to wait that long and they start with steroid abuse and this is the big problem. We are all aware of consequences of steroid abuse but teenagers need to realize that is much more important to be healthy than to look like movie actor. So you should mention in your research all the consequences of steroids abuse among which are various organ problems and you should emphasize that weight lifting is good but stay away from steroids! Hopefully this was helpful and your research project is going to be successful.