Monday: 7:30 am/ Pilates (no appointment needed)= 60 minutes
Monday: 18:00 pm/ Bootcamp (made an appointment)= 45 minutes
Tuesday: 18:00 pm/ Cardio Ab Attack= 40 minutes
Wednesday: 7:30 am/ Fitball= 60 minutes
Wednesday: 18:00 pm/ Body Toning=45 minutes
Thursday: 18:00 pm/ Pilates= 60 minutes
Friday: 7:30/ Aerobics= 60 minutes
Saturday: 1 pm/ Swimming 33 laps
Sunday: 2:30/push and weight lifting


I've done weight lifting last friday for 60 minutes and then monday I did pilates for 60 minutes and I'm also going to do Bootcamp for 45 minutes today monday.


I need something to eat that can help with lightheadedness, the nauseated feeling, anything that can help with it. I have been trying to lost weight. I weigh 85,6 kilos. I'm aiming for the next three months 74 kilos.


What can I eat that is delicious but not much fat on the object. Anyone a healthy diet that I could follow. I have an idea that you must only eat quaters of what you made, and no double bowls. Also I drink Clear green tea with caffeine. Gives a kick for energy.