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i m 16 year old weight 50 kg...height 5.9{skinny} want to gain muscle without any side affect . i want to know how much maximum weight should i lift for maximum result withod stunting my growth.i m lifting 5 kg right now on each exercise {3 sets of 12 reps}.can u give me some advise please.

thank you 


Hello, i know you posted this a while ago but i thought i could give you some good advice on this subject as i went through the exact same thing. I would not go with the weights yet because there is no need. You can get all you want from body exercises like push ups.


I am 25 years old and on October 2012 i hit my all time low at 74 kg , (i am 6' 3") because i was taking some medications that really suppressed my appetite. When i was done with my therapy i decided to work out regularly and eat more. So this is what i have done. 


Basically , i did not want to go to the gym. Its too much of a hassle and stuff. I decided to work out at home. And i googled some info about it and also talked with a lot of people so i decided to start doing pushups  and here is how i started. 

I decided to do 4 different push ups so i can target all of my upper body:

  • normal 
  • wide
  • angled
  • aligator


I made a spreadsheet in excel and i divided those 4 types of push ups into 12 sets. 3 sets per pushup. 


I started by doing 5 pushups per each set with 90 seconds of pause in between. If you are interested i can give you more detail about what to eat, when to eat, how often should you exercise and tons of tips. 


I know how you feel, i have been there. All you have to do is be really determined about it and you will reach your desired weight. 


In just 3 months i am able to do around 200 push ups, (15 per set) and i gained back 13 kg so now i have 87 kg and i am going for 92 kg. 


If you are interested in my push up program , please let me know i ll tell you everything about it and even send you a template of it if you wish (for free).


Let me know..


Hope this helps



yes...I'm interested...plss tell me how to put on some weight..!!!
I'm 16(will be 17 in august) nd my height is 5.8 nd I want to grow atleast 5.11 nd want to put some weight also...I'm really very skinny...plss help me...this year I'm in 12th nd want to put some weight before going to college(ie 2014) me plss



The most important thing about setting a goal, is motivation. Based on your answer i can really see you have what it takes to gain some muscle and weight. Most people will tell you: "You just have to eat more", but that is just stupid. People were telling me "just eat more man, you'll gain weight". 

They just don't understand. Basically it's the same as telling someone who's fat "wanna lose weight? Stop eating then", right?

As for the eating habits here is what you should do. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you have to be very specific about the time when you eat your breakfast. Set it at like 9 or 10 am (depends when you wake up) and make sure you eat your breakfast every day at that time. I used to skip breakfast all the time, i was never "that" hungry in the morning. So rule #1. Eat breakfast regularly. 

Try to eat some carb and protein rich food for breakfast like eggs, milk, white bread, butter, cheese, pasta, . Try eating as much bread as you can. I am not going to go all detailed about proteins, carbs, fats, unsaturated..bla bla bla. I am just giving you tips based on my experience.

Besides breakfast , you should have at least 2 more meals throughout the day. You can eat lunch anywhere from 2-5 PM and eat dinner from 8-10 PM (also, eating later at night is good for gaining weight , but it might not be so "healthy")

Ok, so now you have three meals a day which is awesome, just make sure you follow it every day. Between these meals you can also eat anything else ( if you get hungry) but have in mind that you should be eating fruits as well. Any fruit for that matter; however, bananas have most calories so try eating them between the meals.

Now that you got your eating schedule. It's time to build some muscle. I've been doing pushups for a while now so i will just tell you how i do it. Because of my work i do my exercises late at night at 10  PM (not that late, but i do wake up early:)).

For the beginning you should do 4 types of push ups. You can use check SteadyHealth videos on youtube like this one

There you can see how pushups are  supposed to be performed.

Also, you have to make a schedule of your workout. At first you should be doing exercises 3 times per week ( trust me it's enough)

You could be doing the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and also set a specific time for them and follow these rules.

  • Do your exercises 2 hours after your last meal ( after launch)
  • During exercise pay attention to your breathing ( inhale on the way down - exhale on the way up)
  • Drink some water during your exercise
  • Make sure you stretch your muscles before you start doing pushups
  • After you are done with your exercise you should have a meal within 20 minutes ( or eat a candy bar or something sweet)

I also have my program about the number of repetitions and relax time between sets. Do you want me to explain this as well?

Have in mind that building muscles takes time! You should see results in like 3 months or so but that is nothing compared how you are going to feel about it later :). It is never to late to start working out and i wish i started when i was your age, i am 25 now.

Are you ready to follow this eating routine on daily basis?