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I have suffered from chronic tonsillitis for the past 5-6 years getting tonsillitis/sinus infections at least 3-4 times a year. I got my latest infection a mere week ago, and it was the worst one I've ever had. My tonsils resembled golf balls in both size and color. I went to my family doctor, got a Z-pack prescribed and was out for a week. The next Monday I was still having trouble so I went back to the doctor for advice, etc. For some background information...I'm a law student who cannot afford to be as sick as I was during school. It's simply not an option, so...on Monday, my doctor made me an emergency appointment with an ENT (emergency b/c I only have 2 more weeks in town then its back to school). I met with the ENT Wednesday who declared me stat and my operation was scheduled for the following day at 12:30. Talk about no preparation time. I rushed and had my blood work and pre-op consultation/physical etc (luckily my Wednesday appointment was at 7:30 am so I had all day).

Day 1-Surgery
I tried to sleep late as my operation check in time was 11:30, but of course nerves didn't allow that. I took my time getting dressed, wore comfy clothes (sweats and a t-shirt), and headed to the surgical center. I checked in with ease and waited to be called. Once called back, they made me pee in a cup. Then I changed into my operation gown (they let me keep my underwear on but no bra). The nurse took all my vitals then started an IV drip (just regular fluids). Eventually the anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself then the doctor. I signed all the consents. A couple other nurses came in and chatted, but on my operating hat and eventually told my parents to leave. I was really nervous...I'd never been "put under" before. Thank goodness a little nurse came in and injected something she told me would calm me into my IV. I instantly felt better (I'm thinking now it was a muscle relaxer). They rolled me into the operating room. Had be slide onto the operating table. Stuck all sorts of cold stickers on me and I guess at one point injected the anesthesia. The last thing I remember is being covered by two really warm and comfortable thick blankets. Then I hears the doctor enter and declare "12:45."

At 1:15 (I know because I asked the nurse who woke me what time it was), I was shaken awake. After a few seconds and coming to, I started coughing all nasty (nothing came up and it didn't hurt really). She asked how the pain was, I told her moderate and she injected something nice into my IV. I then began chomping on about 4 cups of ice chips. After one more pain med injection, they rolled me into another room where my parents met me. I had to eat ice for a while (maybe 30 minutes), then they let me get dressed and leave. Our first stop was Wendy's where I downed a medium Frosty with ease. I got a little nauseated on the car ride home, but closing my eyes helped and I was fine. I got home, drank a bunch of water with ease and "slept" for a while. It wasn't real sleep I don't think...just kind of a drugged up state of rest. The nurses had written down when to take all my next meds and I have been taking my liquid tylenol codeine every 4 hours since. Day 1 was great...barely any pain, just groggy. The night sucked b/c I would fall into a deep sleep only to be woken up for meds. I knew things were going to get worse, but I was enjoying the simpleness.

Day 2--Friday
My sister came into town to take care of me (she's a RN, so she knows what she's doing). The pain was still very manageable. For breakfast I ate a little icecream, for lunch she bought me a smoothie from smoothie king, can't really remember dinner, but I think it may have been mashed potatoes. Sure it hurt a bit swallowing, but nothing in comparison to my past infections. I only napped a little that day...stayed on the couch sitting watching movie, etc. Again, not really a big deal. I forced myself to drink glasses and glasses of icewater, though it wasn't that hard to do. Oh yeah, my Uvula was HUGE and still is, but I have a big mouth so it didn't gag me or anything, just felt a bit awkward.

Day 3--Saturday
Ouch. The pain arrives. It's hard to describe the pain. Not necessarily sore throat, knife blade pain...more like extreme, severe muscle soreness. Within 30 minutes of my pain meds it would go away and I was still able to eat and swallow ok. I just remember the 4 am dosage being hell after sleeping etc.

Day 4--Sunday
Same as Saturday. Ate mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes (very small amounts before the soreness would return). Still drinking TONs of water. Managed to get out of bed and watch tv, etc.

Day 5--Monday
Worse day ever. I literally stayed in bed ALL day except to take my meds. The throat pain radiated so much that my ear was killing me (luckily my tonsillitis/sinus infections used to cause ear infections my pain tolerance is heightened there) but it was still very very painful. It only hurt right after I would do all the swallowing and gargling required of my meds, then in 15 minutes it would be gone. Let me say however, that there has never been a time when my throat doesn't hurt, it just is acceptable and manageable after the meds. Also, don't think I've mentioned, my right side is HORRENDOUS. I mean 10X worse than my left. The doctor told my parents after the operation that one of my tonsils was "rotten" and that though I barely bled during the operation, this one "rotten" tonsil squirted a ton of puss when lasered. Gross. I'm assuming it was my right one b/c the wound is so much bigger.

Anyway, by 5 oclock Monday, I was finally able to get out of bed and able to eat quite a substantial dinner (after the meds kicked in of course)...Chicken Lo Mein. Yum. It was the first time I found myself full since this adventure began. Of course my throat was painfully sore after all that heavy swallowing, but I find that sitting or laying completely still with pressure (either an ice pack or a pillow) on my throat helps. Monday night was pretty awful as far as waking up and taking my meds...still that same eat, jaw, throat muscle soreness feeling...not at all the scraping, knife pain I was anticipating with this operation. I remember at one point waking up in the night and I could feel the pain radiating and much that it made my teeth hurt. Insane. Again, 2 teaspoons of my codeine and my strange gooey gargle (as much as it hurts to take, after 15 minutes, I can sleep).

Day 6--Tuesday
So that brings me to today. Started out the same as Monday as far as pain, but a personal choice severely changed things. I realized that I hadn't gone number 2 since the surgery (my doctor told me that my pain meds would constipate me and after a while, I would need to take a laxative). So, at about 9:30 this morning I took 2 Ducolax (the dosage is 1-3). Well, it claims it takes 6-12 hours to work, um...try about an hour. I woke up from a nap at like 10:45 with the worst pain I had ever felt in my life...and not in my throat, my stomach. I couldn't tell if I needed to vomit or poop, but I sat perched on the toilet sweating profusely, shivering, shaking, rocking back and forth for about an hour and a half. At one point I thought I was going to black out. This is the 2nd day I've been left home alone since the surgery, so I was really freaking. Finally, drenched with sweat I went...alot. I drug myself back to bed and slept shivering like I was in the arctic circle for about 2 hours. I've since woken up and though my tummy is still kind of cramped, I think it's ok. I've downed a ton of water so I would get dehydrated from all the sweating and bathrooming, not to mention the tonsillectomy. The best news about that horrific hour and a half was that my throat didn't hurt one bit...mainly because all the pain was concentrated in my stomach. It was a horrible, scary experience...I don't know why I reacted that way. Any ideas?

Since the tummy drama, I haven't eaten and the throat pain has returned to normal. It's nearly time for my 4 o'clock pain meds (I've been taking them every 4 hours), and I'm noticing that the pain isn't as excruciating as it has been right before the meds. Maybe I can push it to 4.5 hours today?!

All in all, day 5 was the worst throat pain and day 6 was the worst day total because of the laxative experience. I'll be honest, there have been times where I cursed the decision to have this done, but at times like now, where the pain is under control, I'm ok with it. Like I said, I can't afford to get sick anymore...not to mention my doctor described one of my tonsils as literally rotten flesh.

I'll update more as things happen. Let me know if you have any questions or similar (or different) tales as I'm going through this presently.


Original poster here...guess I should create an account, oh well.

Day 7
Last night I managed to eat an amazing meal...Popeyes!! No, no chicken...but I did eat some red beans & rice, a biscuit, and some french fries. Everything tasted great, so I don't think I'm suffering from the taste loss others have reported. I thinking eating such thick foods may have aided in scab removal. I can't be sure because for the past 2 days I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to see my throat, but I noticed last night in bed when I would take my huge chugs of water than something solid seemed to be going down with my water. I was half asleep so it didn't bother me and I made sure I didn't taste blood. This morning I was able to wait an extra hour before the pain meds (something that was unheard of the last 6 days), and they kicked in quicker as the pain wasn't quite as intense (though still very sore). I just managed to sorta look in my mouth and where on day 1-2 the holes looked like black caverns, and on days 3-4 they had crusty green/white stuff (day 5-6 I couldn't open my mouth), today there appears to only be a thin layer of white covering each wound. Is that good? I just ate a biscuit for breakfast and it went down great. I really think I'm on the mend here:)

Tomorrow is my post-op appointment, so I'll def post what goes on there. Hopefully its good news. As of now I've had zero bleeding, zero vomiting, but moderate to high radiating pain. Today appears like it will be the best so far *fingers crossed*


Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.


Wait what happened after day 7?!