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I have just recently started running. For the first couple of weeks my legs were a bit sore but everything else felt fine. I am at the point now where I am able to run at a faster pace for a longer amount of time. Today I ran at 6.2 mph for 30 minutes, and my legs no longer get sore. I was going to go back to the gym and run tonight but someone told me that it's bad to run more than once a day. Is this true? Thanks in advance.


just goes to show you.......don't listen to someone.

doubles are actually necessary once you get to high mileage.

personally, doubles are a pain in the butt with showering 2-3x a day, but I find that doubles keep my metabolism going as I do have trouble maining a low racing weight.


Answer in short 'max 12'.
You can run twice a day if thats what you want and it's not bad for you.

I question why you want to run twice a day. If it is for general fitness, well and good, but if you have some time goal or race you are aiming for I would say you should think about your approach to your training a little more. Training should be specific even for general fitness runners, if not it's a bit of a waste of time in my book.
You say "I have just recently started running" and today you ran for 30 minutes at 6MPH, that being the case you would be far better off building up some base miles and aiming to run for 40 minutes and depending on what your specific goals are, building on that.
Each training session we do ( base, hills, repetitions, intervals, LT. resistance etc.) has a specific purpose. My guess is your at the base/foundation stage and you will gain most improvement (at this stage)with a progressive build up in miles/kms. or time on your feet at an aerobic effort between 70 and 95%


Yeah if i dont do doubles then I would be doing 10 mile runs alot which would be hell.


Do you do any ten mile runs? If you are doing doubles to avoid 10 milers on the weekend you'd be doing yourself a disservice.


I have to average 50 a week for my so I run about 6 days a week and one of these is at least 9 miles and sometimes a full ten. But because I run six days a week, on those days I only have to do the long run and then I can stop.

This Week so far:
Monday: 3 in the morning, 7 at night.
Tuesday: 6 morning 3 at night
Wednesday: 9 miles at night
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 4, 7
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 3, 5

I dunno, is this style bad? And I guess Its a little less then 10 a day really.


it's bad if you are training for a marathon looks okay for 5k....maybe 10k, as long as those aren't all the same pace.
Not to be snotty, but i wouldn't lace up my shoes for 3 miles and you've got 4 runs of only 3 miles. I'd push those 3 to 4-5 miles on two days and skip the other days and use the time for else....or rest.
At the very least....I'd obliterate Thursday, just get rid of it. It isn't doing anything for you and it's keeping you from a day of rest.


I will try and make those changes thank you. And yes all these are at different paces.

Edit; YEah I'm in training for 5k.


I like what Phar Lap said. I would like to add that you should build mileage gradually and when it comes time to add second runs, do it! What is also important is to have one long run a week. I am currently running 40-45 mpw and my long run is 10 miles and I run 5Ks.


As long as one run is shorter than the other. It is a great way to build endurance and strength. We (cappy and I) did two a days for many a summer in high schoo. Got in shape real fast.


This works for me on a daily basis (I dropped 30 pounds in 4 months).

Keep in mind this is how I LOSE weight. You will not bulk up or add muscle with this diet. This is a diet for becoming a lean, mean, running machine. I am not a professional by any means. I just started doing this and it has worked for me. YMMV.

The single most important factor, IMHO, has been to stop drinking soda. I used to get a big gulp every day. And a Starbucks mocha 2-3 times/week. Those damned things have nearly 400 calories! I have to run hard (2 miles in 17 minutes, 1/2 uphill) to burn off one of those bad boys. Granted, I still have one every few weeks, but knowing how hard I have to work out to get rid of one makes it far easier to say, "No thanks, I'll pass."

These calorie counts come from the packages and are approximate. Some of these things are 90 or 95 calories or even less (carrots/celery)

1. Packet of oatmeal in the morning (100 cal)
2. Sometimes a banana too (100 cal)
3. Sandwich around 10 am (90 cal per slice of bread, 35 cal for slice of turkey meat-I use 2 or 3) and 50 cal for slice of swiss cheese (can't give up everything!) = 350 cal
4. Apple (100 cal)
5. Dannon Light yogurt (100 cal)
6. strawberries sorted into lunch-sized ziplock bags (100 cal)
7. Pineapple chunks (100 cal)
8. 4-5 each carrot and celery sticks (100 cal)
9. Nabisco Sugar wafer cookies (8 = 100 cal). As you can tell, I have a sweet tooth and can't give up everything.

The above 9 items equal an approximate daily intake of 1150 calories by the time I get home from work. Keep in mind, I don't eat all of these things every day, but whatever I managed to get purchased and pre-packaged on the weekend for my take-to-work lunches.

I'm sometimes hungrier than hell when I am on my way home from work, but exercise, I've learned, makes me no longer very hungry.

So I get home and exercise. Either run two miles (one up hill) or ride the stationary bike at a rapid pace for 40 minutes. Either way I burn either 400 or 500 calories (depending on the exercise).

Okay, so we got 1150 minus 400 calories equals 750 calories. If I'm still hungry (big "If") I'll finish up with a bowl of Progresso soup (200-250 cal) or a bowl of Cheerios or SpecialK with Strawberries cereal and fat-free milk (300-500 calories), or a salad.

Grand total daily intake of calories is generally 800-1200 calories AND I've exercised. This is well below the 1500-2500 recommended per day for someone my age/size.

Since it takes 3500 calories to gain/lose a pound, I steadily lose between 2-3 pounds per week without starving to death.

THE single hardest part of the whole thing is forcing myself to exercise EVERYday. I take a day off every week or two, if it works out. I'm taking 1/4/05 off because I know I'm not going to run after work and miss the Orange Bowl

Remember: Coffee and tea have no calories, but they are diruetics, meaning they will dehydrate you. Don't drink too much of either before you run unless you are well hydrated from drinking water also. Some say a half-cup of coffee helps the body burn fat. Dunno if there is any truth to that.

Hope this helps!




And what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?