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Hello everyone.

Im a 22 year old male who for the past 3-4 months has been trying to lose a few pounds for the summer ahead!

My daily intake usually consists of...

Cereals in the morning
Apple mid morning
Homemade sandwich and a soup for lunch
Cooked dinner
Then bed.

I exercise for 40 - 60 mins 5 nights a week and on Sundays I play football for 90 minutes and then a further 30-40 minutes at night.

I lost 18 pounds in the first few months, but now im stuck at my current weight.

Is this due to building muscle and equalling it out?

Or am I not exercising enough now as my body is used to it?

Do I eat wrong?

Also I havent exercised in a few days due to injury, am I likely to pile on the pounds due to this?


You have probably reached a weight plateau or like you said you could be building muscles due to regular exercise.

When a person reaches a plateau, it means they should change something about their food or exercise routine.

Try making another low-fat nutritional plan or change something about your exercise routine.

Don't eat anything at least 3 hours before going to bed.


Any idea what I can change?

At the moment my exercising is consisting of..

Monday - 35 mins exercise bike 10-15 mins weight training
Tuesday - Soccer training - 60 minutes
Wednesday - same as Monday
Thursday - also same as Monday
Friday - Football Match 30 - 40 minutes
Saturday - Light soccer session mainly just watching
Sunday - Soccer match 90 minutes and then 30 minute match at night.

How can I change that?

Also how can I change my so rubbish at this sort of thing :-(