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Hi, i am 20 years old and can see my heart pound in my chest. I can see my chest going up and down usually the whole day. I sometimes feel it in other places of my body too, like when i have to sit still, i feel like i can't keep my head completely still because of it.
I do sports once a week, but i'm not really well trained, my rest pulse when i wake up is around 60, sometimes less, in normal daily actions, its between 70 and 100 usually. I don't feel pain in my chest, except for some muscle pains around my arm and neck, but those arent allways there, i dont think they have anyting to do with the pounding.
Another thing i have is that i sometimes feel strange when i'm in school or in a car. I feel like my head is going blank slowly, and i start to breathe more heavy and i have trouble focussing on the lessons. That feeling is not related to a specific time or event, the only thing i found being common everytime i had it, was that i was being bored, or realy anxies (sorry if that is spelled incorrectly, i'm dutch). It really feels like i'm about to pass out sometimes, but when i can stand up and walk around it's gone.
I have this for 3 years allready, went to a docter several times, he says everything is normal and it's just anxiety.
Has anyone have the same symptoms or has experience with it?
Please, i would like to know what i have, it's not life threathening i think, because i already have it so long, but i would really like to know what it is.


Almost all day I can see my stomach and chest moving from my heart pounding. I can almost always feel my heart in my chest, and feel chest pain, usually at night. The ony thing that stops it is rubbing it and deep breathing, but if I move onto my side it starts again. I am getting kind of scared even though it's happened before, but not as bad as this. Could someone please tell me whats wrong?


Hi! Having a pounding heart is really scary and causes all kinds of weird thoughts.. I am no expert but google DINET or POTS PLACE . You may have some form of dysautonomia... My advice to you is do some research and see a Dr. Do not take the old anxiety dx either. You must keep yourself hydrated ie Gatorade. There is specific tests also.. for example a tilt table test or perhaps you need to wear a holter monitor. last but not least, know that you are certainly not alone..


Hi guys.. i wanna help you all. I am a victim of this disaster situation.. The problem is not ur heart .. it is a disorder, called Anxiety (Chronic anxiety). I cured the problem very simply..

I challenge the answer for the below questions should be yes for you.

1. Are you thinking negatively? something u predicting yourself, that it will happen the worst.
2. You searching everywhere because your very anxious about the problem.
3. You cant concentrate anything.. right?
4. Problem for breathing?
5. Hoo.. heart palpitation like running train..
6. Yes feeling chest pain.. am going to die?!! did u felt so?.
7. U r a person hard to mincle with community. u r a selective person .. someone u like verymuch.. some one u hate without any reason.
8. Worried alot.. during these days..and u imagine u cannot escape this situation
9.You need someone always be with u.. even though u dont want to be with them..
10. U dont comfortable anywhere.. u cannot eat.. u cannot enjoy.. always could happen or not?.
11. U will feel discomfort in ur stomach (this will start after few days.. becoz of gastric problem.. due to tension).. u cannot eat well..
12. U cannot wait.. u need the solution quickly..
13. U afraid to sit alone. for only few seconds ur mind is tankling.. like u r having a unconciousness .. sometimes like an attack.
14. You feel that u r having an attack soon

Some people have more symptoms

9. Cannot sleep at night.. thinking whether i could sleep or not.. this will kill the sleep.

If you have answer "yes" for the above answer.. i promise u .. u r perfect man.. u have no physical problem.. or mental problem.. u r just like other people..

i am not saying this from my imagination.. these all happend with me before.. and now i am perfectly alright.. i want to give u all to get rid of this feelings. its a disease we can cure simply.

This is called Anxiety disorder... there is 2, 3 stages for this feeling

1. Panic attack (feeling like an attack - bt it is not attack).. this time u feel u r going to have a serious heart problem
2. Thinking something for all the day (it will last for 3 - 8 days)
3. third stage u will forget abt ur heart or health.. u will concentrate only about ur anxiety.. how u can escape from this feeling.
4. cannot sleep at night

These all feeling .. because of a chemical imbalance in our body. the reason for this imbalance is some incident in ur childhood.. u may hard to find that incident.. but believe me there is something happend in ur childhood which hurts u .

How to get rid of this feeling:

Do u believe if i say .. u can escape this situation in few minutes?.. i dont want u to bilieve.. u just do what i say.. then find ur self the magic.. if u have this disorder now.. u wont believe all this word.. u think only i just want to make u happy.. hehe this is common nature of tis disease.

Read well

* just sit on a chair.. take normal breath.. now ur breath will be soo tight.. u wont feel a good breath. take as much as time to slow down ur breath.. and step by step increase u try to calm ur breath..

* Sit on a chair.. put ur hand on the side.. make ur very comfortable for breathing.. or wait untill u r comfortable.. u dont have to pressure of tightness anywhere

*ok.. now u r ready to take the magic breath.. TAKE DEEP BREATH..SLOWLY AND RELEASE IT SLOWLY. Make sure u dont give any pressure for breathing (coz breathing is different type.. only a calm full breathing can do the magic).. do this breathing for 5 minutes.. u dont feel good while doing this.. it works only after this few breathing..

u surprised .. u r normal now.. and u have getting big relief.. (if u dont feel this.. that means ur breathing were wrong.. so try with calm and cool breathing after few minutes).. Believe me it will work..


During a full breath.. ur bladder will fill with oxygen and it supply good amount of oxegen to blood and release the carbon dioxide.. which will adjust ur chemical imbalance.


u can feel free to discuss me abt ur worries.

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I have a similar problem. I feel a heartbeat in a many places of my body (head throbbing, legs, arms, hands, and that's about it). I've been doing some research and discovered that many people who had similar problems had anxiety/anxiety from stress. Yes, I'll admit, I am an anxious person, and I worry a lot, but I'm not stressed.

I can sleep fine, I consider my life to be really good; I'm happy with myself and my life. How could there be any way that I'm stressed or anxious? !


This is so strange, I have the exact same problem. I don't know how to explain it or what caused it, it just started one day and has yet to stop (terribly frustrating). Part of me wants to go to the doctor, but I'm fairly convinced they're just going to say it's anxiety, (which is even more frustrating). I'll let you know if I figure anything out !



I'm a 22 year old female who had a few scary episodes like you described. I'm replying quite some time after the original question, but I may have some insight. I think you should (and I should) get checked for Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). It's not too serious of a heart abnormality, so don't worry, but the symptoms match what you describe (and what I'm experiencing as well) perfectly, even the part about difficulty concentrating. All 3 episodes I've had so far felt like a panic attack, and happened late at night (I was both tired and sleepless).

It's way more common in females, and you're more likely if you're tall, thin, and long limbed. There's correlation if you also tend to have cold hands and feet always, and if you often feel dizzy when you stand up quickly.

for example, CHECK THIS OUT:

Hope this helps!


Hey, a shortage of vitamins and minerals can also cause this. Deficiency of B vitamins particularly can cause anxiety, depression, heart pounding, etc... It takes 6 months to a year to recover from a B deficiency, and you need to take them sublingualy (sp?) (under the tongue). Even if you eat health, vitamin deficiency is usually caused by damage to the intestines. Which can occur years before a problem shows up with out you even knowing about it. Good luck, when your having problems say over and over, this will pass. It will calm you down faster.



i am freaking out. can't go to sleep. thinking i might die if i do, because i can feel my heart beating which is weird for me. and i can't tell if it's a normal beat or not.
i'm a college student. but i really feel like i don't get stressed over school work and stuff. i'm care free. so i'm kinda skeptical as excepting this condition, because i'm thinking 'what if it's something more serious than this???' but then again that could also be part of the condition.

I really need to go to sleep. but my mind races then my heart races. and i get scared.


i am suffering this kind of thing as well i had it about a week ago then it stopped but last night it came back again but this only happens at night time when i am in bed how i feel its i am tired and i suddenly fall asleep minutes later im awake again heart is pounding with the feeling like someone has hands around my heart its also like a feeling when one is suddenly scared i also sometimes feel dizzy and feels like my eyes are heavy my mind seems a little slow for example when i am reading something like an e-mail or the news i seem to be reading it a little slower than normal.

i live a normal life eat well and drink plenty of water i am a little chubby but not so bad i did put it down to the heat as i am now in a new country and the weather is alot more warmer here but i have aircon at night keeping me comfortable but i am kinda at a loss to what it could be.

i had something like this before where i was having problems sleeping feeling dizzy and it seems like i was seeing things i had a checkup at the doctors and i asked for an ECG just to check on my heart as it felt like i was having some kind of problem but the ECG came back clear all working as normal.

but now i have some answers i can go by now and see if any of them will make a difference to me


have the same problem its anxiety. i tried to blame all my problems on other things and have done tons of reserch on all my "problems" but they all relate to anxiety. look up anxiety online and i guarentee youll feel like your reading about yourself. you feel like your the only person in the world that has it and noone could possibly understand! you wonder why your not normal and cant sit still like everybody else. im only 20 and ive had anxiety for going on 6 years and ive slowly learned to accept it and control it. i find its worse when im in a serious converstation, at a restuarant, or whenever i feel like all eyes are on me. i quit college because it was mandatory to take a oral presentation class. you have to learn to take very deep breaths and tell yourself everythings going to be okay. i am perscribed visatril but i only take it at night after a night of drinking because hangovers are the worse form of anxiety you can have!!! hope this helped!


I'm a female, 52, I got the pulse too in my left forearm and elbow, am I stressed, hum, like you wouldn't believe, stress is my middle name. Lately, I have become very active, and yes I am overweight too. I just realized it feels like my heart is beating in my arm, it comes and goes, and it's been consuming me the last few days. I went to the the doctor, he took my blood pressure, it's slightly high. He said it will go away!!! I'm praying it goes away soon.

Can anyone else relate, help or any idea's what I should do or what causes this?

Did you have it and did it go away after a while?

What did you do to get rid of it? 8-|


You guys need to research dysautonomia. It presents with anxiety lie symptoms. I have it. It's exactly what youare describing. It's a malfunction of your autonomic nervous system.


Not only are all of the symptoms related to anxiety, but the pounding heart rate and the anxiety, are also symptoms of overactive thyroid see a doctor if the issue persists. Have your T3 and T4 levels checked


I totally agree and I have the same problem,, YOu are 100% right