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my girlfriend is 21 years old. She was born with a hole in her heart, as a kid she was able to play sports but unfortunately as she grew older the problem got worse. The first time she fainted she died and had to be brought back to life with one of those electric shockers that they use on the chest. When doctors told her family about it, her decision was to not have surgery the idea of having a scar on her chest is very unappealing to her as well as the thought of having a battery in her back or even someone else's heart in her chest. She chose to take medicine, but after a while the medicine gives her nosebleeds and she basically becomes used to it to the point where it doesn't even do anything for her and from there the doctors just give her more medicine. They basically test which one is the best for her kind of like she's a lab rat as she would say, but the medicine doesn't help her faints. She passes out for 30 seconds to a minutes when she does activities that makes her heart race. I just want to know, if she did chose to get surgery will she have to have a battery in her, or is there a way to fill the hole in her heart?


Hi Jay

All people having congenital heart disorders - majority of them require surgery. If she has hole in her heart and an irregular heartbeat, chances are she needs surgery ASAP. Yes, closing the hole and installing a pace-maker require open heart surgery and yes, she will have a scar across her chest bone. But, this will save her life and lead a quality life ahead.

Since she is your girlfriend, talk to her - her life is more important than scar left by surgery. Make her feel wanted and assure her that you will be still around when she is out of surgery. Talk to her, be supportive. Encourage her to undergo surgery ASAP